Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Makes Me Want Kids! Hahahaha!

Best Sex Music List: We All Have One..I Sure Do!

Gotta get my playlist going! In two weeks I will be in the arms of my hubby once again. All the bitching and moaning no more. Finally instead of months. I have weeks. Which still baffles me. So of course I made a little list of song I plan to download. Some I already have some not yet. And I am a music lover, I am sure there are songs I am forgetting. But that is fine. Obviously these song were strong enough to stay in my memory. I have them listed all the way to number one. There in order of course. Number one to me is the best sex song ever right now. Also remember I am very eclectic. I do not just have r&b and I do not just have John Mayer acoustics strumming around. I have a big music box filled with tunes that I think are bang worthy. Here is my list. I recommend everyone download at least the top 5 once you get there. And here is my list for April 16th, when I finally get some d$%&. :)
Lets begin my Top 18.

18.) Amber - 311
This song is number 18 because the song itself is very PG-13. The atmosphere it brings with the guitars are amazing. In fact, every time I listen to it, it reminds me of California. Very sweet song. Good for fun sex. Roll around in the bed kind of love. Laughing and giggling. All the pre teen love smashed into an adult relationship that is at least 2 weeks old. Beautiful song. Sweet. Not rough.

Best Line: Don't give up your independence, unless it feels so right, nothing good comes easily, sometimes you have to fight...

17.) Comedown - Bush
I had a huge debate on whether "Comedown" is one of my favorite sexy songs or "Mouth". I guess it depends on the mood. I have no idea. I thought I would stick with Comedown because it is a more romantic climax like song. Mouth is pretty hot to and both are great. But I think Mouth is more rough. So I am going to choose Comedown. The song is like being high and you do not want to leave that feeling. Some may get what I mean.

Best Line: I don't want to come back down from this cloud, taken me all this time to find out what I need.

16.) I Want You - Madonna
Its a Marvin Gaye cover I think. The word are pretty obvious. The song is pretty blunt. I love it and the drums in the back round makes you want to Belly Dance.

Best Line: Don't play with something you should cherish for life, oh baby...

15.) Take My Breathe Away - Berlin
This song screams lap dance for me. Oh my god. I love this song. It is pretty old and all, but it is a classic. From the movie Top Gun. I love it. Very romantic and the beat is amazing. It takes you on a slow trance. I have no true words but two. Lap. Dance.

Best Line: Watching in slow motion as you turn to me and say...."take breathe away"....

14.) Wild Horses - The Sundays
Has anyone seen the movie Fear? It has Reese Witherspoon when she was like 17. Plus it has Mark Walberg in it. Hubba Hubba. Well, in the movie. Reese is dating Mark, and they go to this Carnival. And they get on this roller-coaster ride and while there going up on the coaster, Mark puts his hand up her skirt and is finger popping her. As soon as the coaster goes down and starts the thrill, Reese orgasms right when the coaster drops...*sigh*... And this song was playing. Sounds pretty graphic. But this song screams good sex.

Best Line: Childhood living is easy to do, things you wanted, I bought them for you...

13.) No Ordinary Love - Sade

What song is not a good bang bang song from Sade. I mean all her stuff is a good mood starter. Just pop in any of her cd's and its baby making time. I love all her stuff. My dad is a huge fan so I got to know her music from him. Her voice sets the tone. She creates the mood with just a simple hum. I love her. No Ordinary Love is always a great song. I picked that one for my list because the song is basically saying, "our love is like no other, people may try, but they will never have what we have." Deep. Can you imagine rolling in the sheets when that certain lyric comes on, and your face to face with that person....*sighs*

Best Line: Theres nothing like, you and I, baby....

12.) Lil Freak - Usher
This song is new and it has my favorite Gaga part two, Miss Nicki Minaj! She is so the rap version of Gaga. I heard the song and it is I love it. We all have a sexy secret side that we allow some to know, not all. This song explains it all for me. This song is my naughty side I think. Tee hee!!! *giggles*

Best Line: Excuse me little mama but you could say I'm on duty, I'm looking for a cutie with a big o' ghetto booty...

11.) Bed - J. Holiday
This song is very romantic to me. It was hot like a year ago. But it still is very romantic. Very sweet and cute. One of those strawberry and wine kinda song. Making love type thingy.

Best Line: I wanna put my finger through your hair, wrap me up in your legs, and love you till your eyes roll back, Im tryna put you to bed...

10.) Hey There Delilah
I love this song and I know the rest of the world does too. This was actually a song about a girl named Delilah. True story. When I here this song it reminds me of Greg a lot. It sounds like he is singing to me. Even though my name ain't Delilah. Distance is apart of this song, which I can relate too. Beautiful acoustic guitar, very raw song. Story of my relationship in a way. Something you caress too. My best line for this song is the part that sounds like me and Greg.

Best Line: Hey there Delilah, don't you worry about the distance, Im right here if you get lonely give this song another listen, close your eyes....listen to my voice its my disguise, Im by your side......*so sweet*

9.) Fade Into You
I heard this song driving in the truck and it was raining. I loved it and added it to my list of wonderful songs to "boink" too. Very sweet song. And deep. This will be like number two on my playlist when I get home. Another good song from them is Into Dust. Its about loving someone that does not love you, but, hey, the song itself is romantic on its own.

Best Line: I want to hold the hand inside you, I want to take a breathe thats true

8.) Is It The Way
I listen to mainly rock and alternative music. But everyone should own at least one, Jill Scott cd. Someone is doing Jill "well" if you know what I mean. Jill sing the truth. If you ever been in love buy a Jill Scott cd. I played this song when Greg was gone for 2 weeks one time. When he came home I played this song on repeat. Its such a feel good song. The feeling you feel when everything is right. The song is about being all giddy and glowing over a guy that makes you feel number one at all times.

Best Line: Made me some breakfast, toast, 2 scrambled eggs..........grits....

If your a hopeless romantic like myself. You should own a Coldplay album. I know black dudes with corn-rolls and baggy jeans that rock Coldplay. There is no excuse. There is no select song for Coldplay that I could recommend. Because there all really good. I love it. Every song is romantic. Every song is amazing. Every album is awesome. Coldplay rules. Just download the main ones if you want. Like "Clocks", "Shiver", "Yellow'. Make my day. Download Coldplay. *That rhymes*

Best Line Ever: (my opinion) If you loved me, why'd you let me go??? - Violet Hill

6.) Whatever - Jill Scott
Like I said. Jill Scott gets hers. Because the lyrics in her songs describe a good f$%&! I love this song as well. Its a song about being in love and feeling so good that you wan to do anything for this man. Anything. Whatever...whenever....however.....tell'em Jill!

Best Line: Do you want some money baby? How about some chicken wings? Do you want some fish and grits? I'll hurry and go get it.. *damn jill!!!!!! hahahaha*

5.) Sex Therapy - Robin Thicke
If you do not know who this is. If you do not know the song Sex Therapy. If you heard Sex Therapy and can not get into it....then your doing something wrong. This song takes me somewhere.....And I do not just love this song because it gives Twilight a shout!

Best Line: Take you like Twilight I'll bite your neck, You don't have to sing in the rain I'll get you wet, ohhhh yeah..

4.) Crown Royal On Ice - Jill Scott
This song is filthy, nasty and dirty. All females download this song. The lyrics are heavy and very mature. The whole song is my personal life. Jill gets it in. Nuff said.

Best Line: You grab my braids, arch my back high for you, your diesel engine I'm squirting my oil on...

3.) In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer
If you read this blog you already know the love I have for this song. It is a personal selection this one.

Best Line: Wherever you go, wherever you are, I watch your life play out in pictures from afar...

2.) Scratching Me Up - Trey Songz
Rose got me into this song. Like I said, never been into r&b. But this new guy Trey Songz has a very good love making album. Scratching Me Up is so powerful. I am there hearing this song. It is such a sexy song. Very naughty and intimate. He take you on a wild ride. Loves it. Ladies, this is a downloader...

Best Line: Clap, clap, clap, from the back, back, back, smack, smack, smack, when I act like that she react right back.......pullin on..the sheets...

1.) Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
This song is the most sexiest song in the world to me. It is blunt. It is raw. The video could be better. And do not ask what the fuck this album cover is because I have not a clue. But that song is beautiful. The lead singer from Kings of Leon sounds like he is orgasming throughout the whole song. Especially when he is hollering out loud "YOUR SEX IS ON FIRE!" It sounds like he is having sex right there as he sings. I feel the sweat and the humidity in the room. I smell cigarettes and incents, I see clothes everywhere scattered across the floor. This song is the most sexiest song ever (my opinion..)

Best Line: Your Sex Is On Fire...

Pouts and Shout Outs: Last Day Of March

Im listening to Lifehouse. Why am I ? I have no idea. Matches my mood. I was looking at my calendar and realized that I have two weeks left here. I know people know that. But it is so weird. I am sitting here. Not excited. Just blah. I looked in the mirror today and said to it "Your going home." It had not hit yet. So strange this feeling is. Last month I was crying and sad (being dramatic) but now I cant even flinch. Maybe because it just does not feel real to me. I can not explain it. I said it in my head but I think my mind, body and heart are actually numb. I seriously feel numb. Its not a bad thing. I feel my body developed tolerance. Pretty strange trying to explain. I will feel excited once its the last week I guess. But it feels like I am not going anywhere. Like home is here, I just woke up from a dream. Bizarre feeling right now. Never had this mood arise.

Any way. Im watching this movie Possession on the internet and I am blown because it keeps stopping. What the hell. If it was a dry boring movie I am sure it would work. Figures

How bad ass are these leggings. I wonder if the have a 3x?

So I want a new bag. I been carrying the same old rusty ass Bestsy bag forever. I might just buy a new one but yet I should be buying stuff for my house back home. I need to buy some dvds for me and Greg to watch. Greg and I are huge movie buffs. It is quiet sad.
Still have not found a nice blazer. I give up. I am suprized torrid does not sell all black ripped jeans. Thats odd. You would thing Tripp would have made some pants like that for the thicker woman. I'll wait. Only a matter of time.

So what else is new? I am packing slowly. Still having issues with this strange feeling I have. My dad needs to bring home some UPS boxes. I have a lot to ship back.

I want to give a shout out to two people. Special people. One is my friend Britney with the Hello Kitty shirt on. I adore her. She is one of my closest friends and I actually just met her. She the only child. Which is funny because I get along better with only children. There is an unspoken understanding there. Either way, I met her in September through Rose and I loved her. We even hang out together one on one and it works. She is an amazing friend and I think it is good t shout out amazing people
The next shout out I want to give is to Crystal. She has been following my blog and always putting her amazing 2 cents in my comment area! I adore her! She is a follower of my blog and she told me some great news. So I want to tell her Congradz again girlie. She is an awesome girl, and I am happy she gives me the time of day and reads my shit! LOL! Thanks Crystal girl!!!!!! p.s. I love your coat!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Wit Shoez On Top

Im not a shoe whore. I am a purse whore. And a label whore, well...Kinda. Lately I have been getting addicted to shoes. And that so not like me. I need to learn how to walk in heels. Im over it. I need heels in my life. Here is the problem. I am 5'9. That to me is already taller then your average chick. Am I right? Guess not. But either way, my guy is like 5'9 as well. Sucks. I mean some girls do not care and rock there heels around there dudes regardless. Greg says he does not care but...I do.

1.) Pink Heart Peep Toez

How sexy are these. Very mod. Anything sour hot pink is awesome. I love the heart peep toes. Thats pretty different.

2.) Punked Out Pyramid Boots

Rose made a very fucked up joke about these the other day. I would say it but I feel it would offend people. Given the fact I learned more then 20 people read this blog. I was suprized actually. But anyway. I would wear these everyday.
3.) Studded Babiez Stilleto Heelz

I actually own the flats in the middle of the picture. I guess all these are nine west. I am guessing. I am not sure. But I love the golden embeleshments. <---that ones for you suga! ;) Haaahahahaha! Loves it. :)

4.) Bad ASS MOTHERF%$#%^& SHOEZ!

I really really want these. Bad. How cool are these. These are Alexander Wang

5.) Emo Bootz

Id kill for these. Nuff said. Out of all these shoes, I think I would go for these.

6.) Floral

I love the floral boots the most. I wish.

7.) Neon Studz

8.) Steve Drives Me Mad

I want these. Love the zipperz.
9.) LV

I do not wear sneaker but I would for these...fierce....

Leopard Vomit and H to the M

I need to learn how to walk in god damn heels. Its pretty pathetic. I got these heels that I guess I will post them tomorrow. I guess. There very cute. I shall show them tomorrow. The whole point of this week was to get this blazer I wanted. But turns out Torrid only had a 4 and I need like a 2. So I was pretty blown. I guess everyone had the same idea I had. So blown. I was going to wear that on the plane home. Fuck man. I need to figure out a nice outfit for that. Still have not figured it out yet. I felt that my new shirts from H&M would look good with a pinched blazer. But of course now I have to regroup. Which is fine. I don't think I want to wear something clingy on a 8 hour flight back to California.
This outfit was fun. Very relaxed and very 90's to me. I love leopard. Looks great. I would not care if I was like 100,000 pounds, I love leopard. This leopard fits just like Spanx. Smooth the shit out my fat. Put it in the right places and fools people.

So on the bottom is another video. Explaining my weekend with my besties. We had a really cool and deep conversation about...things. About my beloved movie of all movies. What ever you would like to call it. Bored at work right now? Check it out. Came to a very interesting conclusion to the whole madness that is.....umm......yeah. Just watch it. Sorry for the still frame. Eww. But I like Vimeo better then youtube. More personal. Personal opinion.

Conversations Between Twihards from Tiamoya Mcneely on Vimeo.

My Fashionista of the Week: Ashleigh

And yes, I actually know this beautiful young lady. Her name is Ashleigh, she went to my middle school and high school. Her style on her face book is so fierce so I thought, hey, why not show it on here. And as you can see her shades are always on point. I still want a pair of her eye glasses that flip up. So Gaga don't you think. She is pretty awesome and i known her for like, ever. So check her out. She as well as me is from the DMV. I like people who break the rules with fashion. It is always fun and makes me like it even more. Im jealous of her Rihanna cut she has going on. If I did not have dreds, I would be doing the Rihanna myself. Yep.