Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Its Tokyo Bitch: Style

Im a huge fan of harajuku and asian pop fashion. I loved that look even when I was in the 9th grade. I cut out some pictures of it in my teen vogue and posted it in a journal. Till this day, and I am near 25, I am so obsessed with it. It is always new and colorful, very full of life. I saw these photos and it reminded me of the style. All things I would wear. I told Greg if he happened to go to Japan or Hong Kong, I told him to buy me something harajuku like, but knowing the asian look, they might not have my size...


  1. I love asian pop fashion too! I always go to the asian store near my house and look at the magazines. I love the looks you choose! :)

  2. thanx a bunch nina! yeah, there fashion is soooo amazing....i love it. Its so colorful and full off life