Friday, March 19, 2010

Runnin Runnin...

Let me start by saying that the necklace I am wearing is not from Forever 21 or Target, nor even TJ Maxx...But Walmart. Yes, I got this chain necklace from Walmart! FOR 5 DOLLARS! Can someone smack me right now? How awesome! I love it. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It matched my shirt right away. I got this shirt in like December when Torrid was having this super sale. I just grabbed it, because it was my size. I knew I would find something to wear with this eventually. So yeah, all is from Torrid except the boots. I got them from nine west. Well, my Mom got them from there. She buys me shoes because she thinks the shoes I purchase on my own are cheap and ugly. Thats fine. I tell her be my guest, buy me something worth my while, I will surely wear it. Hence the Coach shoes. Tee Hee!

OH! FORGOT! The earring are from Kohls. That is Rose's favorite store. I think it is kind lame. But it works for her. Avril Lagvines new clothing line is there, if I was a skinny chick I would so be rocking the clothes there. But these earrings were pretty cool. So I got them. Her line is called Abby Dawn. Cute name.

It was a nice morning so I thought I would take pictures of the Maryland trees. And there is a picture of Bruce my moms dog looking drunk as hell, or with a hang over. He is on my bed. LOL!

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