Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vermillion Red Wine & Rustic Lilac

Black has to be one of my favorite colors. You can't go wrong with it. I thought I would rock the all black look. I am becoming more and more obsessed with sequence. Especially if its on the shoulders. I got this shirt back in Maryland at TJ Maxx. Once I saw it, it was mine. I posted this shirt before Im sure. I found it crammed near the back of my closet. Another fashion piece that I forgot I owned. I put it on with my big harlem pants and rocked it.

I wasn't going to blog today but I made time. I was thinking, by the way, this is off subject from my outfit. I kind of don't understand why nice people always come last. Sometimes I feel my sweet personality does nothing for myself...I don't know..
Sometimes, I just wish...that ...
I dunno..
Im rambling...
Check out more of the look below:

Im starting to do different styles to my hair lately. Im all about mohawks.
Make up used was from MAC and the eye pencil was Urban Decay..
Lady Gaga Lippie

Secret Mission For Rose (The BFF)
(I got something special for Rose... shhh...its a secret...)
Im on a mission today to find the perfect....well...dress.
Rose needs a red dress. So I am on the look out for her. She wants something simple and so do I. Im not sure what we are going to pick. So far I see very little. But thats the challenge Im willing to take. I got Rose a little gift as well. I know everything sounds a bit confusing. But soon It will all make since. Im kind of running around the subject. Bottom line I need to find my buddy a red dress...

1.) The Classic Casual Woman
This is so extra. I know she would hate this dress. Rose is not into the dramatics like I am. I love dresses that drag. But then again I don't see her in anything so..."extra"..I see me buying this for myself...not her...

2.) Beach Flowing Girl
I like it for Rose, but Rose is short. I thing it will drag on her and I know thats not what she wants. I think its a pretty dress but it does not scream "elegant" or "classic". Yet, Im a big fan on how the halter is cut..

3.) Laced All Over Seductress
Unfortunately this dress does not come in red. If it did I would be sold. I think Rose would like it as well. You can't go wrong with lace. But its a solid black, so it loses on color alone.

4.) Red & Black Tease
Maybe a little to vintage for Rose's taste. I think I like this better than all of the rest. Its not to much, its just right. I love the lace on the shoulder. This would be perfect for her.

5.) Tight & Casual Elegance
This is sick. But it doesn't scream perfection. Next...

6.) Sweet & Innocent
So my taste, not hers. She needs something more sexy and classic than dainty and cute.

7.) Vintage Mod Honey
Here I go again, falling in love with red dressed that are my style. Rose would not wear this. I need to go back to the drawing board.

~Celebrity Candy~

Im all about Michelle Williams right now. Her style is amaze-balls.

Kim K:


Rooney Mara:

Brad & Angie

Kourtney K

Miley & Kelly:

Emily B:

Kate Middleton:

Love you guys!
Lemme no your thoughts on the dresses!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Cerulean Blu Bluez: Rihs Red Bottomz

Happy Monday! For some. Im sorry if I offended anyone. Most people hate Mondays.
What does my day consist of? Babysitting, cooking dinner, and cleaning up this place. Because it looks awful. I partied pretty hard this weekend. Greg and I stayed up pretty late and watched movies. We are a pretty simple couple. We don't need much. Kylie (my daughter and homegirl) is growing before my eyes. She now grabs her feet and tries to put them in her mouth. Pretty classy I know. I love her a lot. She amazes me everyday. I love it. Im ready to do taxes but my tax lady will not answer her phone, maybe Im to early? Who knows?

Back to fashion. I got this awesome shirt. Super awesome, I love the print. Its pretty sunny for the weather out on the east-coast, but on the west-coast it is very appropriate. Its very sunny and breezy here. I love it. Its very flowy and light. And I paid seven bucks for it...
TJ Maxx to me, has the best clearance, you won't pay more than ten...*cough cough* Marshalls...
Not saying any names...

So this is my look for today. Im kinda scrambled because my boobooski is talking to me but I can not understand a word she is saying. Im sitting on the couch typing and hearing her goo-goo ga-ga at me and smiling. Very cute. I keep laughing, and Im still getting distracted.
Thats kids for you...
Anyway... *tee hee*...

Im rocking Torrid Jeans (of course) and Torrid shoes...

*Love this quote*

Here are the rest of the pix:

Earrings were a dollar. You guys got to find the store Everything A Dollar Store!
Boobooski keeps quaking like a duck....omg...LOL!

Originally from T.J Maxx for 14.99, only paid seven...Im not sure you can see the price on the red tag..

New Favorite lip gloss....Thanks Rose!
Into The Wild

Thought I would show the boobooski, she is camera shy now that the quaking stopped...
LOL! I interrupted....

Quakers... lol!
You been caught Kylie....
Kylie is rocking Baby Gap by the way....thought I'd add that..


Emily B.
Does anybody watch Love and Hip Hop? I do. And the chick that gets cheated on by rapper Fabulous all the time, can dress. She is super hawt as well. Her shoe game is even more crazy..
Love her style...
I mean, her love life is a mess. So maybe all that shopping was therapy because she can dress her ass off...Love her

Kendal & Kylie Jenner
Love that green blouse. They grew up nice..

Kourtney K.
I WANT THAT SHIRT! Or any shirt with the shoulder cut out...
Maybe I'll do that myself?? Hmmm....

It looks like Katy Perry but its not, who every it is..looks bad ass..

Kourtney K.
Love the green and her shoes...ughh...

Ashlee Simpson
Love Ashlee...she is perfection at its best. Love her pants..

Justin & Jenn
I hear the recently got engaged. Justin popped the question! I can't wait for my boo Rose to get engaged...Ughh..I would be so happy...

Angela Simmons
Need I say any words?

Best Look:

Look. My heart is with Rihanna. Anything she does, I love. She is epic. So, she was at a Lakers game this weekend. And this was her look. You know what I love best about Rih Rih? Anyone can get her look. Its not hard. She was rocking the vintage american flag and some bad ass red bottoms... I WISH I HAD SOME DAMN RED BOTTOMS! Im 5'11 and I would be 6'3 with those shoes but I would NOT care....
Heres the look :

those shoes..I died a little..
can't forget the flannel...
And theres the look. I love her spiked necklace...Ughhhhh..Love it..
Love you all!