Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Dayz: Its Money Honey

What a weekend. So much has been going on, and yes, shopping was involved. So much good and so much bad. Well, I consider everything bad. But either way, Memorial Day was not as easy sailing as usual. Right now it about 9:51 at night. Just cleaned the kitchen with some Pine Sol and some room spray. Used my Swifer Jet. Cleaned up my chili that I made which was a hit tonight. Everything is great. As of right now.
Last week was a fucking mess. My account got fucked up. Of course. Figures. Greg tells me the account was withdraw and I freaked the fuck out. It was pretty bad. I have no clue how the fuck it got so bad. Are card does not have debit and it can get so confusing I swear. Either way, I had to call my parents (which I HATE doing and never do) and ask for some mula do get my account straight again. What the fuck.
I felt stupid. I no, I no, sometimes you have to call on someone for some help. But what if they were not here to help me? I always think about that. I feel since I am an adult I need to be on point all the time. Never ask for money or any hand outs. It sounds insane but thats how I feel. And now that I have a child inside me I felt like such a loser asking for my dad to help me out. I hated it. Its deep rooted...
But in the end, the account got straight and everything is fine. I am just going to make sure this shit doesn't happen again. My parents never hold shit over my head, nor do they ask me to pay them back...I just feel I shouldn't ask. I know, its crazy...
I know Im human, but hey...
So this weekend we went to Oceanside Harbor and ate at Joe's Crab Shack. Made me miss Maryland just a little. Maryland is the place for crabs for sure. Yum!
We chilled there most of the weekend. Also, I got some super buys at Old Navy! I can't wait to post. You have to excuse the late-ness. Since the money issue came I almost lost track of the blog. But hey, its over.

Im looking at Oceanside and already kinda missing it. I hate when I get attached to things, people or places. I asked Greg one night in bed if he thought we would stay in California. He said "Honestly? No." I agree, I don't see us staying. I love the idea of California, but to raise my child here alone sounds crazy. I do want my folks around and they already sound like there ready to help. Something about California. The thought of me leaving feels so wrong. But then again, Im in the military, and nothing is really your home. At least not to me.
I have to get over this attachment. And focus on the huger picture. Which I am.
I hate the unknown.
But I welcome anything that gives me answers.

I love lighthouses!

at the chess game..

another beautiful shot of the harbor..

More shots below:

my dude...
Right now Gregs running. I always have to push him to run. But its cool. As long as he gets it done. Marines always gotta be in shape. Sucks for him because he is addicted to ice-cream and cake. So much is going on you guys. But the bad part is over. At least I think it is. I need to learn how to relax, but who knows when that will be.
*Greg just walked in! Eee!*

Great weekend (besides the money damage, thank you Dad!) over all. I will post an outfit this weekend because Old Navy did the damn thing! Torrid had there little 50% off sale, eghh. Like I said Im losing my lust for them. I went to this new Torrid downtown San Diego and they were a lot better then the one I go too. Yet, the shirts that were on clearance were STILL 29.95. Like really? So either way I am paying 15 dollars a shirt. Come on Torrid! Really?! I was at Old Navy racking up shirts for 2 dollars..but thats another post...tee hee..

I'll be sure to post the greatest this week!
Love you all! Mwah!

Oh! By the way!
Enjoy the rest of the Holiday!

Love you Greg.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cerulean & Surreal: Couples, Gags & Disappointments

Thanks for the funny and awesome comments yesterday on my video you guys!
And for those who did not comment Im glad you watched it as well!
It was fun making it.

So I am checking out Memorial Day sales that should be popping this evening. I noticed Torrid has the worst sale possible. Im hopping that by friday the 50% off clearance deal will be back on. But from what it looks like you buy something off clearance and then get the second thing 50% off. Bitch please. They are killing me. I was on the phone with Rose and she brought up how Torrid's sale looks stupid and it made me cringe even though I already knew about the dumb as sale ahead of time.

I guess I'll shop around somewhere else. What the hell Torrid! How does Hot Topic have 50% off clearance and thats the same company! Fuck Torrid...
but if they have that sale again I'll be there..
Such a hypocrite....
But c'mon..seriously...Torrid your clothing is flimsy as hell, at least have your clearance be on point.. yeesh
Shirt: Marshalls (on sale)
Earrings: Forever 21

Forever 21 has the best jewelry hands down. Thats how I feel. Every time I walk in there I get giddy with glee. I use to think Hot Topic but I see myself leaning away from the punk plastic and more towards the feathery earthy Boho earrings.

Love the burst off yellow...

Lace on the blazer is my fav..
Eyes are Hot Topics palette...
from my last post
closer look of the earrings:

Also, while on the sale kick from last weeks purchases...
I got Britney Spears tee shirt for 4.99

Soon to be in Las Vegas next week....
Here is Rose all fresh faced in the Thrift store. So Im talking to this girl about a month ago about how Thrifting in Maryland (home state) is better than California. She swears up and down it sucks around here now and there is nothing in the thrift stores anymore. Now this month, she is finding all this shit at the Thrift Store, the same one she was talking shit about! What the hell Rose! Egh, Im pissed I can not join the fun. But one of the purchases I really loved that she grabbed from the "horrible thrift store" was this amazing dress. She is wearing it to her works luncheon on friday. She should wear it to Vegas as well.
Don't you think?
Its formal, but whats not out in Viva Las Vegas?
Love the see-through sheerness..
She got it for 14 dollars which Rose thinks is pushing it for a thrift store..
I agree, but you have to admit, amazing buy..
Enjoy Vegas Babez!

Gaga's cd has been growing on me a lot more. I find myself sticking to the three songs I like and playing them on repeat. But either way, Im going to get to the rest.

Im sure God and everyone has heard.
Kim K is getting married.
Look, I know everyone is on her nut sack and thinks she is hot shit. But this chick does anything to get attention. This wedding will be planned in a month and she will have a bigger dress than Kate fucking Middleton! She finally can gain the attention away from Kourt and Khloe and be the center of attention. Kim is already telling everyone how many carats her damn diamonds are in the fucking magazine. Ughh!
She goes straight to US Weekly to boast about it! OH MY GOD! They been together 6 months and he spelled out in roses on the bed "will you marry me". Welp, she got her baller. I can't stand that fucking Kardashian for shit. Let the new reality show "Kim and Kris" start rolling..
because we all know its all about Kim.
The madness...

Meanwhile in Fashion:
Solange looked fab

Not a huge fan, but that hair is to die for!
she looks bad ass..!
Killen um!

She looks so sexy. I think they should show her body more. No its not skinny but they always seem to cut her off at the neck on covers...c'mon people.....I think she is a fucking fox.

In other sad couple news..
Lil Wayne (man of my dreams)
has a new girlfriend...
He could do better...
But I don't have hair down my back...
but I could wayne..

Hotest Couple:
Angie and Brad...
Love them

Gagaloo was on the Dave Letterman show. I loved it. Cool interview. When he asked her if she was dating anyone or if she had a boyfriend she said "why?"
Love her...

So Long Peeps!
Congrads to the classy and always clothed Kim on her engagement...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rocking With The Gaga-loo!

Bored? Why Wait?
Check out the CD with meeee!!!!!

Great still frame...of course *side eye*

Monday, May 23, 2011

Gotta Get My Telephone...

Its a chill day today...
Just got home, finals are through. I watched my girl Gaga on The View. I could honestly watch her for days, she is so interesting. So much is going on. This weekend was alright. Nothing special. Greg and I went to the gym together which was pretty fun. We both felt weird because that was the only thing left that we never did together. We were on the elliptical staring at each other laughing. It was pretty insane. I got a good work out in. It did keep my mind off of things.

Pretty much, if you don't know, I am the biggest worrier in the world. I fucking hate it. I worry about everything. When I was sixteen I told myself that I would change that. But now I just accept the fact that this is who I am. You can't change everything about yourself. I just try to keep it contained with meditation. Which does help. Its hard for me to accept hearing the two words.."Thats life". Its gonna take some growth. But there has been some.

Its weird.
Sometimes my worrying lets me know how normal I am, and also lets me know just because things are going on..doesn't mean thats the end.

Another thing I want to exercise from my thoughts is carrying about what people think. God damn I hate that. You could be a fucking bird and I would give a fuck about what the damn bird said. I hate that about myself and have no clue how to cut it off. What the hell. I think about it all the time. Sorry for the venting. But we all have things we wanna change.
Im just open about it.

So I got my "Gaga" on and bought this cool Telephone shirt that was on sale for 5 bucks. Good ole Hot Topic. I love it. Thought it would be the perfect shit to rock since her album is soon to be out.

Gaga Telephone Shirt:
Close up:

I love questionnaires, so why not. This gives everyone a taste of who I am...again...

1 - What I find attractive in girls/boys.

In boys, I find everything attractive, because it depends on the guy. Like for example, I like Robert Pattinson's mouth, and I like Reggie Bush's all depends..

2 - Where I would like to live.

Oh it does not matter, I love where I live now, but if I went somewhere knew, I would be down. I think i hate planes these days, sooo...maybe somewhere closer to my folks.

3 - One of the things I am proud of.

4 - One of my insecurities.

My worrying...

5 - My childhood career choice.

I wanted to be a singer, Ha! Really really bad..

6 - My favorite ice cream.

Love them all :/

7 - What turns me on.

A huge D$%@#

8 - One of my bad habits.

I bite my nails and don't even know it..

9 - Who I wish I could be.

Lady Gaga, because she could give a fuck

10- Where I want to be right now.

with Greg. Honestly, we hang out way too much, but I love his company...

11 - The last thing I ate.

Noodles and cheese cake...yum

12 - Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately.

obert Pattinson, pale and ready to bite down on my...neck

13 - A random fact about anything

Im afraid of balloons. I hated that game at parties where you have to sit on them fuckers...*shivers*..

So I found this chart, and even though its very simple. I love it. It works for someone like me. Yeah I know, I know. My worrying must be pretty bad if I need a chart. But its only with certain things that I tend to panic. Small steps I guess...

I promise myself that today I am going to relax and take time to mediate. Seems like every time I do it the phone rings. But I need this. Im more spazzy this week than usual. Just thinking about the future and life as a whole. I'll light up some candles and chill.
And eat cheesecake....

Back To Celebritez:
Kat Von D
I find her sexy. Maybe its the tats but I love her body shape as well...Im feeling her. She looks cute..

Kelly Rowland
I know you all saw pictures already from The Billboard Awards but bear with me. Everyone is saying Kelly killed it on the red carpet..she did, she wasn't the best dressed but she gave everyone a run for their money with that body. Ekk! Love the dress.

Selena Gomez
Im assuming she is fucking now...
Yep! Look at that hand on Bieber's thigh! Yeah their fucking. You don't start wearing dresses like that for nothing. She looks great! Im mad Bieber looks like a woman in this pic. Wow.

Michelle Williams
I love it! Wurk!

M. Rod
Michelle looking very pretty. I love it. She should clean up more.

Tay Swift
She finally looks like an adult. Thank you Taylor! Finally! And she uses a flat iron to that hair!

Her dress is fab, I would rock that.

Keri Hilson
She has been doing the damn thang lately..

Nicki Minaj
Wow...I mean....her body!
I wish I had a temple like this one, even if it is surgically enhanced. My lord. She looked stunning hands down. I love everything I have to say. Even her pink lace front down to the shoes. I!

Her performance was amazing. She can dance her ass off. I can see why she is an icon for many. She holds her own. And I must say she must have some type of potion or voodoo lyrics in her songs because she makes me LIKE ALL OF THEM! How does she do that? I will one day say I hate it and then all of a sudden she puts out a video and then Im feeling it. What the hell. I do not get it. I hated that damn "Who Run The World" I find myself humming the mutherfucker!
Bey I must say, she rocked the awards, best performance yet...
And I loved her shout out to her best-friend... wink wink!
"I love me some Jay Z".. - Beyonce

Best Dress Of The Billboard Awards:
(my opinion)
C'mon look at that flawless face and all white suit. Classy. Love she rocked her nudes with this outfit. Rih Rih does it everytime for me.
Oh my gosh....
Loved her performance last night but BRITNEY! Go home. Its over. The Britney pop icon is done. And I don't wanna here from everyone that its because she got two kids. Fuck that. Britney is heavy medicated and is on prozac. She needs to just stay home. I use to love me some Brit but her energy is gone and so his her dance moves...
Plus you can tell she is on meds.
Just sayin'
Amb & Wiz
I like her outfit I can not lie....I miss the old Amber with Kanye though...
He looks a mess Amber, and you know it...
*shakes head*

Im so ready for Jersey Shore to come back on. I here its gonna be in Italy. Which might be weird. I miss that show. So does Greg. Gosh darn it you guys, come back!
Im guessing they are still filming.
Well peeps, don't forget Gaga comes out tomorrow!
Born This Way!
Get your copy! Or download it...whatever...

Check her out on SNL
I love that burger girllll...!