Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lost In Paradise

I was feeling under the weather yesterday, only reason why I did not post. But here I am now. Feeling quite better than before. Life is soaring right now. In a great way. Im very happy. More than I ever been. I finally realize how important family is. Its something you surely can not buy. And I am starting to see what faith is, a little better. Thanks to Greg. Mr. Positive. I never met anyone with such a positive outlook on life. I am not gonna go on and on about Greg on this post. But he sure is a different person I have NEVER met in my life. He is so .. different. So the opposite of me. I admire him a lot.
I don't think I tell him enough... I really don't.
Alright, enough with my life...
On to fashion. I bought this shirt around Columbus Day. It was that far back. I loved it when I saw it. Beautiful print and glitter all on the shirt. Plus it was off the shoulder. I got it for twelve dollars on sale. Torrid had that amazing 50% off thingy that I love. They should have it every friday or something. Its such a good feeling seeing the price get lower and lower... Almost as good as...we'll..I won't say that...(wink wink)
But while taking these pics, you can't see the pure texture and shine to this shirt. I turned the flash off and turned it back on, and I still couldn't get a cool shot of this shirt. The colors seem muted when u take a picture of it. Hopefully, you can see what I see.

I paired this up with a long skirt from Torrid which was also on sale for fifteen dollars. By the way! I love skirts that go all the way to floor. The kind that do not show feet! I love that, I want my skirt to drag...thats just my thing...so this skirt was perfecto!
And of course the star of the show was these feather earrings...
with earrings this big or long, I only wear one.
More shots below:
Im paring this up with the skirt because I got it on sale around Columbus Day as well.
I would normally rock this with jeans or some big legged pants.
But either one looks cute!

This will be my first day rocking this shirt, and I had for awhile now. So I will be popping off the tag. This shirt is out of season now that fall hit, but not in California. The heat still hits here whether I like it or not.
By the way I need a new strapless bra. Bad! The one I have is from Hot Topic and its on its last rope! Ek! Time to hit Vicki Secret...
This is the closest I could get to showing how colorful this shirt is, beautiful print right??
Loves it!
And if your bored, heres a video of Greg, my hubbers, trying to get away...
We put the boobooski to sleep, and trying to get away and let her rest can be hard...
She is one of those babies that wanna cuddle and coo with you in your arms to go to bed. So when we get the chance we either sneak out...or gentle put her in the crib...LOL!
Greg and I have been laughing so much since shes arrived...she is totally hilarious...
Check it out:

Celebrity Candy:
Tika Sumpter

Nicole Ritchie
Love this dress so much! The color of the dress is the best!
And that hint of blue, I die.

Kelly O.
She does nothing wrong in my eyes. Shouldn't every girl at any size have a nice red dress?

Khole K.
She has the best taste in shoes..

Kourtney K.
My favorite Kardashian ever. Everytime I see her online she is in something even cuter than before. Im so watching Kim and Kourtney take New York. Im such a hypocrite. Sad. I love her sisters so much though! Its not my fault. Kim is just a hot mess. But Im all about her sisters.
Orange boots, Im all for it.

The shoulder pads in the blazer, kills me...In a good way...
Polka Dots! I love, and she paired it with khakis....brilliant..
want clutch...
....I need pants like this....

Rose (the bff) has a coat kinda like this, but black..I love...

Jealous...nuff said...

So Evanescence's album was great!
When I first listened I was not so sure. But then after a few listens, I fell in love.
Yeah, its gothic music, kinda new age, but Im all about it. Her voice sounds almost like opera. I adore Amy Lee. This album seems darker then most of her past albums. She sounds a bit angry but more sad.
I love it.
Is it worth buying? Yes! I love this album so much and I hate the fact she out did Coldplay's album. Coldplay is sounding okay, I mean, Im still waiting for it to grow on me.
But so far Evanescence is the winner.
Get this album...if you like Metal/Gothic music...
If you don't...
Im sure you will like it anyway...her voice is a killer..
The Other Side
Lost In Paradise
Swimming Home

“People don’t write sonnets about being compatible. Or novels about shared life goals and stimulating conversation. The great loves are the crazy ones"

Sooo! True!

Don't be afraid to fight in your relationships ladies, its the make up that makes it so worth..

wink wink!

Love ya'll!


and Scene...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

Quick outfit of the day! I adore TJ Maxx, lately they have been doing the damn thing for me. In fact, all department stores have! I seen so many shirts there that I loved. I saw this one and I knew it was coming with me. It was 14.99, but I did not care, I knew it was coming with me. I found another one in the bunch that I needed and bought that too. I need to calm down. But man, these stores are having what I want. Im guessing the whole tribal look is for everyone, because its not hard now finding tie dye shirts and prints.

Three reasons why I love this shirt:
1.) It has leopard in it and Im all about leopard.
2.) Its flowing, and I love huge sleeves that look flowing.
3.) You can wear this with jeans or a dress, it can be worn anywhere...

I wore it with jeans. I have several pants that could make this very upscale but today, I want a chill look and I want to be cute. Its very earthy and looks hella good against my skin. I love it. I know I will walk back to TJ Maxx and find this for ten dollars. But hey, I couldn't wait.
You win some and you lose some.
This is a size 2x
Im rocking my leopard wedges. They are not super high wedges but there high enough for me. Im starting to wear shoes with a bit of a heel. Im tall and hate over towering someone, especially Greg (the hubsters) who is the same height as me. Maybe if he was taller I would wear higher shoes. Don't tell him I said that though..

The jewelry all came from Everything 5.99 store. I am literally addicted to there jewelry section. I grab a basket and go. Its like the dollar store but all a dollar! I love I love! And the jewelry doesn't look cheap or tattered, it looks good!
All $1.00
The detail is awesome in this shirt, I decided to take it off and show a close up of how bad ass it is. Very boho. Loves it!
The collar is awesome...
The hemming on the shirt gives it an indian spin...

Who saw Rihanna's new video...I love it.
She surely understands love.

Rihanna’s new video soars. If you walk pass a city street garbage can and turn it over, that is the core surroundings of the video. It raw, grungy and hardcore “Pretty in Pink” punk. Its Sid & Nancy with a hint of Amy Winehouse & Blake. The lighting is yellow and tanished, almost like a cheap 80’s film. Drugs are all over the place like valley of the Dolls. And I loved it. I felt in love with same man in the video, I saw her relationship with Chris Breezy and she melted it into this beautiful dark and twisted video. Something like a requiem of a dream. Yeah, that relationship is over and done with, but comes back to life in this video. This video shows how love can be evil, fun, crazy, insane and light all at once…
I loved it

And the guy..

Okay, I don't go for dudes like this at all, but my oh my...he looks better in the video...
Did Rihanna tap that?
Yeah..she did.

So this week I finally watched Chelsea Settles..
MTV's New Show...

I made a quick video about it. Like, I could not really put my finger on it. I started to like it and then it just ...I still am speechless from the show. Check out the video below if your bored:

Look, Im all about weight loss. Im not saying everyone should love and accept being big. If your not happy with yourself by all means change. But if you do like your body but other people are making you feel like you should change, don't do it. I think we all need to sit and ask ourselves if we dislike our bodies or do people make us feel like we dislike out bodies. Which one.
Im not an avocate for staying big.
Some people just shouldn't be big...
Look at Christina Aguilera...
She coulda wore something else,...c'mon.

I love this model, I think her name is Tara Lynn, I could be wrong. But she is on the cover of ELLE looking fab and confident. And I feel there should be more women like this being happy and rocking their body proud..
skinny or big:


What a show. My good friend D.V. messaged me on Facebook and automatically guessed I was watching this show. And man was she right. I really like the show. Its not totally creepy, but its good enough to were it keeps me thinking about next week. I sometimes wish they gave more detail about things, about the house, and why things happen the way they do. But Im guessing its because this is a t.v show, and they have to keep you wondering, every second and every minute. Everyone should check this show out, Its crazy and full of insanty….
This is literally on repeat..

Love Ya'll