Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chaos and Order: Lets Go APE Shit!

Well, art class is going great. Thats about it. I am trying to figure out on this beautiful Wednesday morning why I talk to some people. I think by 25 you should have certain people out of your life, but what if they keep coming back? I don't know. Sometimes I attract the most unrealistic people who make my day bad. Just like a mosquito bite. You feel it there, you know you got bit, and it itches. You can go one about your day, but, its still that faint itch thats bothering you. Have you ever cut someone off and they just keep coming back to you, or better yet, you come back to them? I always seem to run into the same person. I would go by Astrology but I think my life relationships have proved Astrology to be pretty, off. I seem to hate people who are a Taurus, yet I have everything in common with this one Taurus and I think he is pretty awesome. I swore off male Cancers. I told myself to never date another Cancer again. I can smell a Cancer from a mile away. Their emotional, crabby, your occasional asshole...just the type of person I really can not stand. Then, what happens? I marry a Cancer. Who is not moody, not an asshole, calm, no emotional flowing emo-mazing guy. What are the odds. Oh and by the way, Astrology said Scorpios are my weakness...well...maybe that is true. Rose is my lesbian weakness..."wink wink" Rosie, who is my Forever and A Day BFF...

Anyway, I enjoy art class the most. Its something I can actually do. My friend Mary drew this t.v. For homework we had to draw an object in our house, and she drew her t.v. I told her when she showed me her work that I did not know t.v.s still came with knobs and antennas...
Mary is also a Chargers fan...true Californian

So bought this shirt from the guys section in H&M and cut it up. It looked fab. I like shirts with some edge in them, nothing boring....

The zebra print bag is actually my book bag. Its from F21. I love it. And it fits everything! The only bad thing about it was it was 26 dollars, which is alot, but, hey, I wanted it....

The sky was beautiful today, so I thought I would show it

Looks That Rocked

You know I love my celebrities, same people, different looks, all rad styles..

Nicki Minaj
Im guessing this is for her new video with Will I Am..
"Check It Out"
Can't wait.

Miley Cyrus
She is rawking her inner gaga and I like it.
Shes a bad bitch to me..
If I was not blind I would rock those shades soooo bad..

Only Gaga would...huh?


I miss the short cut.
But she still looks awesome..


okay, so....Rose might kill me...but...

Rose and her significant other have just gotten back together. Its a beautiful story, they both met in high-school and became friends and it blossomed into something more. I have known him just as long and to look back and see all that they been through is so sweet and romantic. They were apart for awhile, on and off over time, but they came right back together and connected beautifully. It really does my heart good. I think it will go only up from here. So, basically I really feel Im going to be a maid of honor very soon and Im kinda stoked because I always wanted to be a maid of honor. Funny because Im not all about a princess wedding for myself, Im all about being that "right hand man", that "best girlfriend" upfront with the bride holding her dress....and having all the bridesmaids be in the back...hahaha!

Congrats you guys...
I love you both.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nicki Minaj: Makeup & The Influence

I love Nicki Minaj. Im 25 years old and I will say that over and over. I know everyone hates her and think she is pretty weird. I wont lie, I think she is very strange when she interviews but I still have a great obsession with her. I like the fact she takes risk with fashion and make-up..So I thought I would so a Nicki Minaj impersonation with my makeup....

My favorite makeup to use is hands down is Urban Decay

its not too thick, it goes on smooth not powdery..
Its is perfect and blends colors amazing...
Mind you...
all the pictures of my eyes are "without" primer...!!
Urban Decays colors are that bright.

I can't go on and on enough about how much I adore her. Rap needed her so bad. She not a hoe (Lil Kim) and she is not a rough tomboy (Eve, well...kinda..) Eve admits she was always one of the boys. I just LOVE girlie girls. I just love them! There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a lady.

Nicki Minaj shows that..

The eyes are awesome. I know I know! My eyebrows are a mess, but hey, Im scared. LOL! I love the makeup... Its always fun doing her expressions as well, right? How fun is that!

Here is Nicki in OUT magazine or It might be COMPLEX magazine.
She is so pretty.
I adore her...
I would so date gay right?
I don't care, why lie...
Favorite Nicki Verses:
1.) "Monster" Kanye West song
2.) Hello Good-morning" P Diddy's song
3.) " My Chick Bad" Ludacris song
4.) "Massive Attack Nicki Minaj song
5.) "Lil Freak" Usher Raymond Song

I still believe her ass is fake...

Dont Ask Dont Tell

What does everyone think about the whole Don't ask Don't Tell policy? I know some one who is an ex marine....and that person thinks that its dumb because she knows some people who do not want it to be an issue while they are in the military. Like some people would like to keep their sexuality in the closet. Which is kinda, I dunno, a choice. I think its good people like Lady Gaga is fighting for it. Greg, my husband, says he knows gays and they are open about it and alot of people actually don't really care, I mean, its is 2010..right?

I love Lady Gaga, she is so much more then a bitch in a pretty dress and a microphone..

And speaking of gays...
My friends know what I say, behind every great woman is a amazing gay man..
Lovez it!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shut Up & Makeup

I saw Devil over the weekend and it was pretty rad. I loved it. I thought it would be gay but it turned out awesome. I wore a top from Torrid that I got it on sale of course. I was in all black that night. Thought it would be appropriate. I got alot to do this monday. I have to do a quiz and I have art homework..whomp whomp...

This was the first time wearing this to and I bought it in Maryland.
I do not remember the price at all...
We were the first ones in the theater.. Greg was stoked...

Here is our Review..and we get sidetracked about Alien..*oops*...
play if you want, or read on...

So check this out, this is weird. I have been ranting and raving about how I have no inspiration to draw. Well, good news, its here. Inspiration finally came. How it came was pretty surprising. Greg gave me inspiration to draw...which is shocking to me. Mainly because we are two different people and he has zero love for art and I have zero love for cars. I was sitting on the computer, looking down at a blank page and sat there wondering what to do. Greg was watching tv and realized I was stuck. He then said to me.."Draw your last dream". I looked at him like he was crazy and said "I don't remember all my dreams.." He then said, "Which one sticks out to you.."
And it hit me.

I had a dream were I had children. I do not remember everything that happened in the dream. But I do remember a feeling. A feeling I have not felt yet. I remember driving a car to pick them up from school, and I remember I was late. And I was excited to see them and wanted to rush faster so they wouldn't be left outside of the school. It was a feeling that But bigger then love. Basically it was a feeling I have not felt yet because I am not a parent. That motherly love. I felt it in the dream, because I felt at that moment the dream was real...
Do I make sense?

Pretty much I dreamed of having kids and feeling an unconditional feeling of love that I know I have never felt yet. I woke up surprised because it was a new emotion I have never felt...

The girl sleeping is me. And the women holding the baby is me in my dream. Im wrapped in sheets of emotion while I sleep. The woman (who is me) is holding a child, which is from my dream and is protective and securing the baby. Near the bottom of the artwork, you'll see a heart thats connected to her (or me)...and its connected to her and the baby even though this is all a dream...
or is it?

Deep right?

Thanks Greg.

AND NO...this does not mean I want was just a dream...okay!

So my girl Rose did an amazing job on her eyes. Its colors are from the immaculate Urban Decay. I love her eyes right now. I love how it gets to deep purple from the metallic purplish blue....

She also went to Sephora and got a Kat Von D palette. They are all on sale for 24 dollars, which is super good right now! So most defiantly, go in there and rade Kat! I love Kats eye shadows...the texture goes on like velvet..

Did anyone see Rih Rih's new mess.....
What happened to my rockstar?

(white man I'd Like To Fuck)

Theres something about redneck looking white men that I like, maybe its the fact that they might be racist but I can make them fall in love with me anyway with my black magic...?

Look at Angie....she loves him so much...Love this pic..