Friday, March 26, 2010

Formspring: Thanks For Asking You Guys!!!!!

So today I started this new thing with my blog where you can ask me any type of question you want. And to be honest it was a hit! Only 14 people view my blog but I have had a lot of questions over 24 hours. I am quite flattered and happy people even give two shits. But I am willing to answer everyone of them. I thought I would do it this way because then it would be easier to read. Plus every question I get, it gets reposted again and again. So this way would be easier to just do the questions and answer them via Blogger. Plus you know you can write your names you guys, you all don't have to be anonymous...I love everyone regardless.

Hey, I like your blog and read it every chance I get. I am dating someone in the Air-force and I feel that we are soon going
to be married. Any advice from a military wife like yourself? And are you ever afraid that he will cheat?

Its a big step, but I would go for it. It sucks sometimes. The distance is a killer. But if you love him. Go for it. Dont
let the military stop you. And as for cheating, I doubt he is, but I would never know anyway, even if he did, so
I dont think about it

First you say your from Maryland, then you say your from San Diego. Where are you from?

I am from maryland, I reside in San Diego...stationed there actually...

Twilight is gay and all those guys are fucking ugly. I love your blog when it sticks to fashion and music,
And I adore your art, but cut the Twilight shit out! Nobody but twelve year olds like that! Your in your twenties

LOL! I want the world to know I would f$%&# them! And I will continue to do sooo! WHOOOO HOO! By the
way, my ass could be 40, i'd still wanna bang them...

Do you listen to rap?

Alot of lil wayne...

Are you bisexual because you say stuff on her thats a little strange...?

I have not figured that out yet....

You draw hella good. Im a guy and I mainly love your drawing pieces. I followed this blog from your Deviant-art site. Do you create silhouette clothing or pieces for galleries? What school do you attend and is art your major or minor?

OMG THANX!!! Right now I am not in school. But my major is Graphic Design and Illustration. I do not do clothes (though I should) but I have had pieces in galleries.
Who is your favorite band?

I have many. Otep. Spice Girls. Kings of Leon, So many....

Your fashion is pretty sick. I am from Kentucky and I love this blog. I love your rants and I love all the pictures you take. Your a cool chick and your real about life. I love it. Keep up the good work. And don't worry, you will see your husband soon.

Omg..who are you..I love you...thanks so much!!!!!

Who inspires you in fashion?

Gaga, Taylor Momsen, Beyonce, Rihanna....all skinny people which is kinda..strange...???

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