Thursday, March 18, 2010

Funky Wish List!

Its thursday and I am chilling listening to The Rebirth. Free Weezy! I love this album. It is so good! So anyway, I think I am treating myself today with some sushi. Because for one, right now I can afford it. And secondly, I think I am stressed. So I am gonna treat myself to some yummy sushi. My face is still a hot mess and I have an appointment for the doc on tuesday. Until then Im not gonna wear any makeup at all, and stop hiding my face. In just embrace my ugly. Lol! I like the way that sounds. Heres my wish list. I have alot of these, because I know I can afford any of this shit.

1.) The famous shoulder pad military blazer. Do you know I would kill for this damn thing? I wish they made it for a cheaper price. If so it would be mine. People would be calling me a Lady Gaga wanna-be, and that would be just fine.

2.) Damn. I just have a fixation for spikes these days. Wow. This is Lady Gaga of course.

3.) Umm, this is not really fashion but, I love this bed spread. So bad ass. I love day of the dead type stuff. I see alot of that stuff in California as well. This is beautiful. I love the skulls.

4.) Everything on this picture is awesome. Even the lip ring :)

5.) I am so into leather and anything Chanel.
6.) Oh, and this picture? I just would love to live there. :)

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