Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage Stained Wine

Memorial Weekend. Welp. Glad its over. I have been reading my trilogy book which I will get to talking about later. I have been in love with french 50's style lately. Why you say? Mainly because I watched this pretty cool movie called W/E. Yeah, never heard of it? Thats because its indie, I think. Madonna directed it and I actually enjoyed it. The fashion was epic. Something about lace being pulled across you face and piercing blood lips and short-stocky strapped heels that strap around the ankle. I love fashion like that! I remember being young and watching the movie Josephine Baker and loving the style of that era. The movie W/E is a love story about a prince who gave up his throne to be married to this woman, and you guys...the fashion is insane... Well, at least to me. 

So I am not very french today. I know. But Its a very cute dress that fits wonderfully and kinda reminded me of the fashion in the movie W/E. And given the fact I have spiral curls bouncing in my head, I thought it would be appropriate. This dress is from Kmart. Not the Kmart in California. But the Kmart in Maryland, my home town. Yes, Rose sent me this dress via priority mail and the dress was 1.99. Yes. A dollar, ninety nine. Rose lucked out and found all these deals last month. And there was a lot of plus sizes there for a dollar! Of course I go to the Kmart around my way, in Cali, and of course...nothing. So she sent me this beautiful dress. Please check your local Kmarts people! 

Dress: Kmart
Belt: Torrid, Shoes: Steve Madden from Marshalls

Oh yeah, my hair turned out great. I will be doing that style more often! It took forever to do though. But the after look was amazing. I wish I did not take it out so soon. Love it. I wanna dye my hair again. Its been awhile, But anyway, the style was called Badu Knotts. I sure will try it again. 

Here is the sleeve. I love it. Kinda vintage if you ask me. Maybe its just me. Hell yeah, fucking right.

Here is the back, which is the coolest part of this dress if you ask me. Love the color as well.

Here is me wearing the dress, a quick shot of the back, excuse the tattoo. I got it when I was sixteen..
Thanks Mom..tee hee

The dress on hanger:

My last post someone stated that they wanted to know the make up I used on my eyes. So, here is the shadow palette I used. Its elf and it use to be my best friends. She got it for great price. 

The French Connection

Here is the movie I got super inspired with. I thought it was great. I would so dress like that right now if I could get my hands on some of those vintage dresses. Im a big fan of the hairstyles as well. I would recommend the movie. Its pretty romantic, then again, it kinda isn't. 

True story as well. Her name was Wallie. Man she was fierce. Her outfits were to die for. 
Check out her style below:

In other weekend news:
My weekend was full of reading. I finished the second book in about two days. Im super addicted to this book. And I have not been this stoked since Twilight. Is it better than Twilight? I don't know. They are very different. The book is full of erotica and sex appeal. Its hard to put the book down. I know gotta read the last book. Im gonna take my time this time. Nothing is worst than being invested in something thats about to end. 

Oh yeah!...
Holly, my awesome friend sent me these oil cleaning pads in the mail for me! What a surprise. I am the biggest Hello Kitty fan, you have no idea. Shouts out to Holly! I love them already! Thanks for having me in your thoughts mama.

 My hubby Greg over the weekend was obsessed with building stuff. So we hung up a shelf for me. Greg is the "pickle jar" kinda guy. The kind of guy who wants to pop open the pickle jar just for you. Which is pretty awesome. Thanks Greg. Tee hee..

In Boobooski News:
Well. My little one is all about standing and looking out the window and pulling on blinds. Its pretty hilarious given the fact she smiles at me when I catch her in the act. She giggles and smiles all the time. So her new kick is playing with blinds and trying to peal off the stickers thats on her wall. Greg lowered her crib, immediately...

Also, my tongue and roof of my mouth is screwed because I ate to many sunflower seeds this weekend.   Im not even big on sunflower seeds....guess I needed a fix...

~Rose The Blazing Bestie~

Rose seemed to luck out on Memorial Day sales over the weekend. I found nothing. And I was willing to drop some money on some good deals. Rose on the other hand found a lot of goodies. Here is the pictures she took

Tribal Gown

She did not buy this by the way...crazy woman

Pin Stripped Blazerz

Bangles for Days:
Love the colors scheme of this pair up. The blue is beautiful. She is gonna pair up the bracelets with the watch

And of course, what a bestie update without a pair of wedges?

Super cute.

Celebrity Candy

I think Kirsten Stewart went out and got a stylist. Because all of a sudden she dresses so fierce and edgy. But when you catch her on a candid photo, she is rocking a regular white shirt and jeans with converse. These days she is rocking nice heals and ball gowns. Keep paying that stylist girl! Her she is with Charlize Theron promoting that Snow White movie she is in. Stunning.

Kirsten Stewart

I love when she cleans up. Because when she does, its super hot and cute. And she does not even seem uncomfortable like she usually does. She looks like she owning who she is. Love the shoes she is wearing below by the way. Neon pumps? Im jealous.

Ashlee Simpson
 Already that clutch is bad ass. 

Rita Ora
 Im not a fan. I don't get her. She seems to be riding Rihanna's coat pretty hard. Yet, given the fact she is not famous-famous yet, who is paying for these outfits? Just saying..

Taylor Swift
 Taylor looking cute. 

Ashlee Greene
 If I was wealthy those boots would be mine..

Carey Mulligan
 Galaxy anything is awesome to me. Love this look because its different.

Love you guys! Thanks for reading!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Rustic Jail Bait: My Need 4 A Refresh-Mint...

Well, it looks like its gonna be a cloudy memorial day. I don't mind. I got three movies that I want to watch. Knowing California the sun will peak out eventually. But Im not sure. Well anyway, this is my outfit of the day. Yes, I am wearing shorts. But of course, Im rocking leggings with it. No way Im rocking shorts, alone. Its a weird thing for me. I dunno. I was very Willow Smith influenced. I love her style and the punk look. Im not sure if this is punk actually. Im rocking a Britney Spears shirt. But I love the Coachella boho homeless veteran look that Im rocking.

Im all about flags as well. I went to Walmart last night and they were all sold out of the American Flag shirt I wanted. Figures. It was only 3.88. I also love pairing camouflage with other prints. I just love the whole look of mix and matching. I saw this picture on Tumblr and instantly got inspired.

Anyway, Im pretty stoked for this weekend. Greg is off on Monday so we will maybe do something family orientated. I really wanna go to Panera Bread bad. I want a huge caesar salad. And I also want a huge big slab of bread. Oh man I gotta go to Panera! Yum! H&M is over there so I might check it out.
Other than that my weekend will consist of movies and popcorn. 

Back to my Outfit Of The Day:
Im rocking my Britney tee from Hot Topic which was 9.99...my Torrid shorts that I made, the use to be pants but chopped them off awhile ago...and a pink flannel button down..which is from Torrid as well... Nothing Im wearing is new. Nothing at all. The leggings are old as well and I paid a dumb full price of twenty five dollars for these. Don't judge, we all have our weaknesses. Leggings happen to be mine. The army bag is from Up Against The Wall...a store that I think actually does not exist anymore. They had the best purses ever. Im not sure if there are any more of those stores. But Im pretty sure I paid a ridiculous price for it

As you see, my hair is still in my little Badu Knots. Im not sure if I want to take them out. Maybe tomorrow. I love how they look under a beanie and hair cap. I might take them out tomorrow so I can have some nice bouncy curls, but it depends on what we do. I like having my dreds out the way and not in my face. Then again, I can always do this style again. I dunno..still in debate..
OH..Boots are from H&M...guy boots...
More pix below:

Bestie Mrs Fox Bracelet Bonanza 
(Chillen In Maryland)

 Rose is still in Maryland. I miss my best friend alot. But we did start a little book club since! Im excited! So, of course, the new cool kid book right now is Fifty Shades Of Grey. Im sure you heard of it. Its a very erotic book and its good you guys! I recommend it to everyone! So finally, I got Rose hooked on it. So we started a little book club to read the whole trilogy together. We are hooked! Im waiting for her to get her books so we can start. We both finished the first book, but we will start the other two together. Hopefully he does NOT cheat and read on without me..she can be tricky that girl..Thats what happens when you live a billion miles away from your best friend...you start geeky book clubs..lol!

(Rose reading her Fifty Shades Of Grey in her room at home)

Rose is on a whole watch kick. She loves watches. So weird right. She loves the whole bangles ear thats going on. I love it too. Apparently people are pairing their bangle bracelets with their watches. I like it. But now she is on a watch hoe-down. Its pretty funny. Love the FOX bracelet she made...lol!

She also went to Joanne's Fabric. Thats right. Joanne's Fabric and found these Seashell bracelets for only a dollar! I mean how cute are they?

So since Rose is moving, she has a to-do list of what she wants to do before she leaves Maryland. One of them was to see the Air show on Andrews Air force Base. She went alone as the loner she is and had a good time. She has never been before. So she has a good time watching tricks and kicks in the air! Pretty cool right? Rose says she is not doing much this Memorial Day, but trying NOT to shop for those sales, but we will see.. she has a weakness for shopping, like me. Tee hee..

So Im kinda obsessed with this color. Its beautiful and light, and I love it. I seen it alot of places but I never can find some mint outfits my size. And if I do find something mint it cost so much fucking money. I am not paying 64 dollars for some damn mint pants! But I loathe that color. Check out all my minty wants...and needs...

Mint Stoned Necklace

Mint Bag

Mint Scarfs
Im even in love with the soft lavendar pants shes wearing...

Mint skinny Jeans

Little Mint Dress

Shredded Mint Sweater

~Celeb Candy~

 So my girl Rihanna got dreds this week, and you know I love it. I saw her performance on Idol and she tore it up. I am all about Rih Rih and her new dance shit. I love it! Her dreds are awesome as well. I can't get enough of Rih Rih. She is just, epic. Check out more of her Bob Marley look...
 She is too hot, I love thee!

Teyana Taylor
 I am so...over this chick. Because Im not sure what she does or who she is. All I know is that Kanye signed her to his label...lets hope it works out. Love her dress.

Kate Bosworth
 I might have a thing with dresses that have a gold belt around it. Thats awesome. I love that. Kate be dressing, she is underrated for sure..

Kelly Rowland
 Im alla bout shoes that fold over. I also love what her friend is wearing. Love it.

Miley Cyrus

 Need I say more? Fierce.

Demi Lovado

I am feeling Demi Lovados style heavy! I love her punk rock look, and I like that when she decides to dress it up, she kinda likes to rock the african prints. She is awesome.

Willow Smith
 Freddy Kroger shirt, leopard kitty flats, and black and white jacket with matching hat? Equals my future daughter one day! Haha! Who am I kidding...

Kourtney Kardashian
 How are you pregnant and still dressing better than the bitches who aint. You better wurk Kourt! I love her style, and her sons style too. I'll be watching that crazy ass family on Sunday..

So everyone, I hope you have a good Memorial Day Weekend! I will be. I will hopefully be reading my book to the second part of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I will be watching Red Tails, a movie I have been dying to see! And also I will be watching Underworld and the horror movie "The Devil Inside"! Excited! I am never at the movie anymore. I am a busy mommy these days and Im lucky to catch a movie on HBO. Ha! But I love it though. You gotta love watching your little cubs grow.

Looks like my Memorial Day will be full of rain, but thats okay...lol!
Love you all and thanks for reading!

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