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Tasmanian Tribal Thrifting: H&M Bikinies & African Prints 2013

Hey peeps! Happy Belated Memorial Day! I have been kinda busy with life and such, so I know my posts have been kinda skimming lately. But you have not been forgotten! I got so many new outfits to post that I kind of don't know where to start. I thought I would start first with my first successful "thrifting"adventure that I had this month. I always say that California has the worst Thrift Stores compared to the East Coast, (Maryland, where Im from) but I am determined to find at least one decent Thrift Shop that did not suck! California is awesome don't get me wrong. But Cali peeps out here consider used goods as "vintage" even when it has holes and raggedy edges. When something here is "vintage" its still expensive even though someones mits have been rolling around in it. Nothings wrong with that but I would not want to pay 50 bucks for something that is pretty much "worn and torn". To each his own I guess. But through out my search I did find a Thrift Store here in California that was up my alley! Shocking right? We'll here are my finds going thrifting in Downtown San Diego.

Okay! So I had enough of shopping at the mall and department stores around here. I wanted some real deals! I wanted to find a place that I could go to and find some decent used clothes that fit my thighs and looked good and not "grandma". I went on the prowl around my neighborhood in search of Thrift Stores near by. Given the California is full of smaller sized women, the Thrift stores don't have plus sizes at all. Yes, I know, Mexican ladies have ass too but I seen zero Thrift Stores with clothes with ass storage. Wah! I went to my local Salvation Army, Goodwill, you name it, I went there. Nothing was good. Nothing was my size. So I went back to square one. I went online and types "Plus Size Thrift Stores", and I found a gem.

I googled this cool place online named Great Curves, A Plus Size Haven, which was located 40 minutes away from where I live. I already know this is going to be a weekend trip given I hate driving on the highway and thats what my Husband is for. My eyes lit up! Have I found my destination? Did I actually find an all around Plus Size THRIFT store?! I was excited! I was ready to explore!

So before I go into how the Thrift Store trip went and what I rated it, here is my OOTD.
And yep, the shirt came from that same Thrift Store. When I saw it on the hanger I kind of glared at it and assumed it could not be worked, but then I saw that it was only one dollar. That let me know I was buying this shirt immediately. It was over-sized, a size extra large, it was missing one button but it fit great! And did I mention this shirt was a dollar? The designs on the shirt sold me given the fact Im still all about african prints. The design was fab! I already had six pair of leggings and three belts that I could pair with this..!!

"The March Of The African Print"
ELLE Edition

Im a total Elle Magazine fan. Maybe because my Best Friend gave me a year free subscription on it and I can not stop reading it. I was reading Elle and noticed how African Prints are still hot in 2013. I think colorful prints are always fun for the summer. I think spring is the moment for pastels and soft mints. But for some reason, Summer demands a harder color. Bold and powerful colors. The weather is hot, so why not make your color pallet on your wardrobe pop as well? I love how African prints still rule the fashion world.
African prints are huge. But not only the prints but the style in itself. It does not need ethnic women, it does not call for a certain sized woman, it looks good on anyone and everyone. Even men pull it off amazing! Not just African prints but ethnic prints in general rule. Whether its, Native American prints all the way down to Moroccan. Something about loud colored beads and head wraps make a woman even more fierce then she was before. 

So here is me giving my version of African style with my new thrift shirt..
Hope you like! OOTD! 
Check out more below:
Blouse: Thrift Store, $1.00
Torrid Jeans: 24.99
Wedges: Target 6.95
Belt: Torrid (came with shirt I have at home)
Earring: H&M $2.00

When I saw these wedges for only 6.95 I said "These are not leaving without me." Given the fact I wear a size 11 and the wedges were my exact size? They had to come with me. I will learn to walk in them. And so I did...

~New Hair Dew~

So lately I been so bored of my hair. When you have locs it tends to get a but repetitive. The funny part is I knew by going on Youtube, if I typed "new loc style" I would get my new style that night. Ther is always a new loc style on Youtube that I have not tried. The new style in the loc world seem to be this style called "Petals". It was not hard to do, and it gives me a beak from the "long hair" club that can get pretty boring...


Turned out pretty good right? 

Here is the close up of the H&M earrings that were pretty gorg on my ears. Full of color! Made the outfit even more perfect! I wear these alot!

~The Thrift Store Finds~
plus sized thrift store

So the day finally came to go find Great Curves Thrift Shop. I was pumped. I got there in 45 minutes tops. It looked small but turned out to be bigger inside. It was near the water and on the city street next to a Naval base. I walked in and saw pretty cool stuff. All clothes were either a size ten and up. I was surprised at all the plus sized clothes that were there. The store had jeans. shirts, shoes and even some name-brand outfits as well. I almost did not know where to start. But eventually I found a few items for an unbelievable price!

Overall I rate this place a seven out of ten. It was not bad at all! Especially compared to the recent thrift shops I normally went too around my neighborhood. 

1.) Tons of plus sized clothes that I can fit without struggling to get in them
2.) The Thrift Shop had a changing room, and thats rare in the Thrift Shop world...
3.) The shop even had a dollar section were everything was a dollar!

1.) Most of the clothes came off looking "granny-fied". 
2.) The prices on some of the items were way too expensive for a Thrift Store...if you ask me..
3.) The drive is way too far...

Here is my shirt that I bought for one dollar at Great Curves on the hanger. 

Another dollar shirt that I could see myself rocking...Tribal print!

Pretty awesome Versace look-alive. Shoulder pads and all! Great buy that was also in the dollar section..

All black dress with side pockets. One. Dollar. Can't beat that. It even still had the tag!

~The Best Friend Bikini Weenie~
B.F.F &  H&M 
These days the fashion craze is the new four dollar H&M bikini's. You can't beat H&M prices right now. Its close to Summer time so everyones on the search for that perfect bathing suit. Beyonce is modeling the new bathing suit line and it makes me want to go out and get one. Rose went ahead and got one that looked amazing in a nice peach color. I asked Rose on the phone if she got the Beyonce Bikini but she had no idea what I was talking about. She said and I quote "I dunno if it was Beyonce's or not, all I knew was that it was four dollars!" Spoken like a true Bargain Hunter. 

We'll if you have not heard, H&M has got the cute cheap bikinis out and not only that they have bathing suits for us plus sized ladies as well! For good prices. And how I feel about bathing suits for the thicker woman is this....most are ugly, butt ugly. So Im super stoked when a named brand clothing store takes a shot at a better bathing suit for us ladies with curves!

The fact she had a baby and her body looks like this is insane...

Here is Rose's bikini from H&M! How cute! I love the tassels on them. We have to see it on her! Hopefully she goes to her pool and shows off her goods in this hot number! Wurk!

Of course some prices vary. But you can't beat these prices for the curvy body! I love it!
I might go to H&M and check it out myself! 

If you stalk Miss Gabi like I do (for her fashion...and thats about it) you can see how fab she looks in this bathing suit. Now this one cost way too much. It would be nice to find a bathing suit like this for a better price. But I have to admit she is killing this right now...big tits and all...

Oh! And Rose got some Thifting hauls up her sleeve. She sent me this picture of a Thrift Store bag filled with clothes she got for 50% off...I can't wait to see!

~Celeb Candy~

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Carey Mulligan is a new comer on the seen, at least for now. I been seeing her and her fashion on the red carpet for a little bit over a year now. Of course she caught my eyes with the infamous pixie cut and tinker bell body. I love her street fashion and her red carpet style. She is now in The Great Gatsby, a movie I have been dying to see! Its super old fashion 50's fashion and Im a HUGE fan of the era!
Check her out

Women To Man
Besides Tribal colors and cute Aztec dresses, I have been really falling in love with the Mens Wear fashion. I love when women play with their manly side and make it their own. Who said only men can wear bow-ties and oxfords. You usually see women rocking this look with a bit of a feminine twist, yet there are some who take it all the way! I was wandering on Tumblr and found this awesome fashionista who's fashion sense is turnt up! Her tomboy fashion leaves me breathless. Not only is she not making mens wear her bitch, she is doing it her way!

If you love her fashion like I do check her out on Tumblr!

~My Summer Wish List~
Don't we all have a wish list. Well summer is around the corner, if it isn't here yet. And its time to get the fashionable things you want! Whether is a new summery yellow bag or some new shades for the beach. Its time to re-up our closets with the latest! I have a few things I still want. From my Spring wish list I managed to get most! I had many items on there that I wanted. I had snapbacks on there, all the way down to new makeup. But I got alot! I got some triangle earrings and necklaces. I eventually got mint pants. I even finally got a pair of galaxy leggings that were my size! So I succeeded with my Spring list, now on to the Summer list! Whats on your list?

~Big Legged Pants~
I see so many of these at Target. Some polka dot and some just all colors of pastel. If I find some floral ones I would be on cloud nine. I need a pair of these! Very hippie and boho, which Im digging right now.

~Floral Snap Backs~
Im all about hats this year, not beanies. Im all about snapbacks and caps, especially when they look girlie! I need a floral Snap back immediately! 

~Fake Hermes~
I guess this is the hood rat inside me. I love fake bags. Half the price and more for me to spend on other fake bags. I would love a fake Berkin or Hermes bag! Or at least a replica..

~Veil Skully~
I find this so gangsta and chic all at the same time. If I even find a hat like this it is coming with me. I love when fashion is meshed together with two styles, that do not exactly go together..

Im about to start blaming Rihanna for all this Snapback and Jordan's craving that I have. I never wanted Jordan's but I do now! Rihanna's swag makes me wanna strike up my inner hood-chick look. I think I need a pair!

~Half Rings~

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Again, Rihanna has influenced me again..

Alright you guys! Have fun because Summer is pretty much here! Get your bathing suits and get wet! 
I will be posting more finds next week when I can! Mwah! And thanks for reading you guys! 
Don't forget to hit H&M!

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