Friday, April 27, 2012

Warped Time Machine: The Futuristic Tye-Dye

Happy Friday! We'll. For some of you. This weekend I was excited but now. Im not that excited. Some changes of plans. But thats cool. Today Im rocking this shirt that I thought I already posted. But, I didn't. I bought a similar shirt like this and posted that, but I have not posted this one at all. Nor have I worn it out! Yet! I got this shirt from TJ Maxx. I found it for 24.99 and then waited until it got on clearance. It eventually became 7.00. Yes, 7.00. I love the shirt a lot. Im feeling beach shirts. Their so flowing and comfy. I rocked leggings (as always) with this outfit. And of course, my knee high combat boots, cuz lawd knows I am to afraid of a heel. The best part about TJ Maxx around my way, is that the 5.99 Store is next door. So whatever shirt or outfit you buy, you can go next door for some dollar earrings. Can't lose. 

The print sold me right away. If you read my blog you know right away that african or aztec prints are my thing. I have a weakness for it. Im even getting back into tye-dye stuff. Man have things changed! My hair is styled pretty well for once. The thing about my hair is that for dreds, you have to mold your hair. Its more about pinning and shaping than anything. There is obviously no comb or brush involved. So your hands do the swooping and fingers do the pinning. I thought the style looked geisha-ish but then again, it looks futuristic.

I would have worn my feather belt with this outfit but ask me where it is! I have no clue!
So I stuck with my dominatrix belt. 

A certain someone was very interested in my earrings. I mean they are pretty shiny and bright. Nice try Booski, but no cigar! Ha! Love the earrings alot!

Here are the earrings on the tag. One buck. Can't beat it!

Shirt on the hanger. Its so soft you guys! I LOVE it!
This would also look good with some dark denim jeans, but Im a leggings

Queen Of Hauls
~The KMart Bandit (The Best Kept Secret)~

*Sigh*. What can I say about my best friend. She finds the cutest clothes at the oddest places. Readers of my blog, please listen to me...go to your local K-Mart and go look for some outfits. Please. Because apparently Im missing the damn party! Rose has been finding things I didn't even know existed at K-Mart! Do not sleep on K-Mart ya'll. They are doing it. Rose found these two cute shirts for 14.00. She got the blue one for herself and it by Sofia Vergera who I LOVE! Check out her finds!

I love the pink as well. I have no clue which one I like the best. And she killing them pants! Buy the way this bitch did not buy the pants...but we on the phone right now and she said she getting when get o

Also, apparently there is this craze on Youtube for this lip balm. Im not to sure about it.
But I hear its the new "it" lip balm. I might try myself...They have a buy one get one free 50% off at Kmart...

This is a dress she seen at KMart as well..the neon makes me want to scream!
I love this! I like the muted blue and the bright yellow! Ugh! I love! I hear all was 40% off!

Rose also sent me a pic of her necklaces. I wish I could steal that squared one!
How cute! Rose, yet again....ruled KMarts women's section all over again...

~Celebrity Candy~

Im still on Rihanna strike. I will not post her over and over again, I refuse. I know people must be tired of me constantly posting her outfits. But I have to admit her outfits have been just "okay" lately. Nothing spectacular. Did ya'll hear that Beyonce was named the most beautiful by people magazine? You guys know I love celebrity gossip, but lets stick to the fashion...

Solange K.
 I don't know if this is old or new. But if its new, Solange...girl, you are doing it.
When does she not?! I love this dress. And if this picture is old..oh well. But how beautiful is this dress, I mean c'mon, really.

Malika & Kim K.

Beyonce C.
 I love how she is rocking flats! She looks beautiful. I love her shirt.
Im so sick of that blonde hair though, I mean, can we switch it up Bey...?

Willow S.
 I read some of ya'lls comments and your comments on facebook and it made me laugh! I know Willow is a bit much, but I love her style. Someone ask would I let my daughter walk around like this and the answer is sorry...I think she looks brilliant...

Most Fashion Forward Celebrity This Month

Does anyone watch Once Upon A Time? Awesome show. I love it. Yeah, it seems like a "chick" show but its not. Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Snow White, has awesome style. She plays a very homely woman who is very proper and preppy, but in real life...she dresses very sassy and hot! I love her. Thought I would bring her style to attention!

 You can't tell me she aint doing it with the fashion right now! Love her!

In Life's News

And Nicki Minaj's!, I am pretty busy these days. I washed my hair and now have to twist it down this weekend. Ugh. Its alot of work. I have alot of hair and little time to sit around and do it. I just pop in my Odd Future Cd and get the twisting I guess. Life is good over all. I am ready for the weekend and I find that funny because I use to not care about weekends at all. I have alot of Mom's who follow this blog. Many who are single moms. I want to say to those who are single and raising their kids, I commend you. Thats alot of work. Mine takes up majority of my day and I have help. So I couldn't imagine. New found respect. Oh, and motherhood is still awesome. Its work when you try and keep them busy and learning. *Wipes Sweat*...

By the way, Rose but this nice little box in the mail for me! Yay! I should be getting it this monday! Im excited. She gave a little something for everyone. Oh the curiosity! She sent this picture to my phone..She sure knows how to get me excited.
 Have a Good Weekend You Guys! I shal
l report back very soon! Mwah!

Booski..we out..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

H To My M: Kid Candy

I hate this new blogger shit. IT'S STUPID! It took forever for me to learn this. I like it yet I do not. I don't know. I guess it will grow on me. Not much going on today, besides trying to learn this new template and talking to Rose as she searches for jobs in Nevada. Im glad Im finally learning it. Finally. Well, this is my outfit of the day. The love of H&M. Just my tank top. The fact the shirt says Male Couture is..freaking awesome. I posted this shirt maybe a year ago and I still love it just the same. I mean super cute. Everything else Im rocking is from other places. The little hair bow on the side is from of course Everything 5.99 store. For a dollar! Yay! Pretty normal look for me, nothing to special.
 Nothing like a splash of neon. Thats my thing right now. Neon, neon neon. Makes me happy...

 Im pretty big on mixing prints this year. I really don't care. I will mix polka dots and leopard.
I don't care. There is nothing like breaking the rules...

I am still rocking flats. I will rock a heel maybe one day...tee hee!
 Grey Jeans: Torrid
Leopard Shoes: Torrid
Neon Purse: Target
Grey Blazer Torrid

Oh by the way, this weekend was pretty rainy. Today is sunny, and strange enough...I wanted sun. I kinda miss the sunny days. Im not a big fan of going out into the rain. It was terrible. I am usually all about rainy cold days but I was not feeling it this weekend. Not at all. It drizzled here and there. But overall, we were all more in the house than anything. Monday got busy. I also today need to make a few phone calls. Good weekend, but Im hoping this weekend coming up will be nice and sunny...

 Speaking of H&M, my bestie Rose who is in Maryland right now had a nice affair with H&M! She originally texted me last week stating that she needed these all white skinny jeans from there. She even expressed that the pants were only 9 dollars. Yes, 9 dollars for some pants. I told here she would be an idiot to not get them! So of course, she went to the mall and got them! And she found them in her size! I love H&M! The one around my way (Carlsbad, CA) suck horribly, but the one further away in the city (Fashion Valley, CA) is simply breathe-taking! And its the same store! The better one is too far away. Rose also found some extra goodies as well in her dressing room! Check her out!
 You guys know I lost my mind when she sent this via picture message! She did not buy. It was 17.99..
 Loved this shirt, super super cute...great beach wear!
 The back is even better! Her nails already match the stripes...

 So in the end, she did buy these pants. And there are the white pants she originally went for...
 If I ever find some pants my size for 9.95, they are coming with me...
 This shirt is too amazing! Love the colors! Even better is the belts she bought for this..

 Need I say more? Rose is all about the coral colors this season, and I don't blame her...
More Shots From Rosie's buys!

 The pants are bad ass on! I would love a pair myself. Right now Im looking for any pants that are very lose. Almost kinda saggy and sweat-pants like material. That would be cute! She got a good deal on those pants hands down. Good looking H&M!

H&M is always on point with their colors. I know if I walk into a store I will find something with color that pops! Right now they have the whole Versace line inside the store. I have not seen it in person. Or maybe I did? Im not too sure. And for all the plus size ladies, H&M has all the goods as well, do not be fooled. Even Forever 21 has goodies that fit! Don't be discouraged. Something will fit! Trust me!

Versace Line
Love the color, something about orange
Sharp Necklace
I need this, anything with spikes or a look for sharp edges...need to come with me 

Navy Blazer
I would kill for this blazer...striped arms? Navy blue?

Tribal Green Sandals
Love the print but Im mad thats where your foot goes...
~ Celebrity Candy~

Nothing like fashionable celebs. Especially fashionable Celeb kids. I thought instead of posting my usual Rihanna and Solange, I would post kids that be doing it! Of course I have my top five. And of course number one is the best. Let get go. 

 Madonna's daughter be doing it. She was just caught smoking and she is like sixteen years old. Her style is pretty punk. Her hair is shaven on the side and I love it. I think she has her own line or maybe her Mom does. But her fashion stays on point. Love her.

Zonnique Pullen
 T.I and Tiny's daughter is too cute. Love her blue hair! She is pretty fashionable and looks super cute in her group the OMG Girls! Love her glasses. And the bow! I think she is sixteen. I dunno. Her style is awesome. 

Suri Cruise 
 She is way too precious! I love all the girlie pink stuff she wears. She be styling for an eight year old. Katie Holmes sure knows how to a dress a little one. 

Willow Smith

Willow Smith is hands down the best fashionable kid in Hollywood right now. I hope that my little one becomes a little Willow because she is THAT awesome! Combat metal boots, Odd Future T-Shirts....shaven mohawk pink head?!?! Need I say more. Jada looks pretty bad ass as well. Such rock stars! I love it! Check out her style. It might be a much for people but I love it. Kylie, if you ever want to shave your head and dye it green or pink....lets go to Sally's together...

 Bad. Ass.

Mwah You Guys! Check Out H&M...