Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Working The Machine: First Week Back

My net is working! Finally! Okay. So back into the swing of things. Soon I have to call the rent office because my oven is not working at all. Seems like we had to re-buy a lot of stuff we already had. So expensive. But at least it is done. So this morning I have to see what is now up with out stove. Im so very all this stuff being broke and junk. But I guess you would have to expect it since the place has been m.i.a for 8 months. So we have been getting shot together and getting the place back to normal. The place is such mess. I have been cleaning all week so far and I am not even close to being done.

The living room is basically clean. All I got to do is sweep shit and take this ugly lamp out. Also I think I am sick. Im sniffing and coughing just a bit. I do not mind. Could be worst. Could be waiting for an email. Life is good.

I have so much work to do.

This picture is of the graffiti in L.A, I have a huge fixation on grafitti.

So check out my fucked up closet. What a peace of work. My mom would have passed out if she saw this. This is my walk in closet at home. Pretty sad, its my project this week. I will show the before and after soon...

I drew this and found it when I got home and I was cleaning...

I am so sick. I am stuffy like crap. Plus I still got to call the rental office. Im going to eat first, that is if I can taste anything...

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