Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Uptight With Stripes

I hate these jeans. They look like all my other jeans but, these don't really come up on my butt. They are not stretch. They would fit pretty good if they came up all the way. Any who, I have a thing for stripped shirts. Have you noticed. I love over-sized stripped shirts. Very spring to me. I actually had a dream last night about floral dresses. I need to go to H&M before I leave. NO! I can't. I have a problem. I shop like a junky. I do believe I have a problem. But I won't have as much money to shop when I go home because then I'll have actual "bills" again. Sad thing is my apartment complex it right next to a mall by the beach. Uh Oh.

Shirt: H&M for 5 dollars..not even on sale!!! They had different colors as well.
Pants: Marshalls
Necklace: Torrid

I have a lot of video footage. Bare with me.

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