Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I Was A Millionaire ....

I thought I would post a picture of Greg for my heading for this post. Im listening to John Mayer. It is only right. Its appropriate for this moment. Rose and I were talking about what we would do if we were millionaires. Where would we go? The stuff I would buy if I was a millionaire. Rose and I had a conversation about that. What if we were millionaires? Not just millionaires but trillionaires... What would we do with the money. Rose said she would invest in many buisnesses and do stock and bonds, she'd buy a house and just invest and keep her money rolling. She would help her family as well. Pretty real and deep conversation. Now me, I always like to keep it 100%. I told her I know myself very well. I said I would by my parents whatever they want. I'd buy a house. I would not invest any money. I would be on drugs most likely. I would drop out of school and buy off a degree from Yale. Then I would not do shit for the rest of my life. No job no nothing but eating sushi and shop. Rose said she would buy a nice Bentley while I would just buy a driver to take me everywhere. I think I would end up like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland. I think if I had money and power I would go to jail, die off drugs, or just become evil. I think money would drive me crazy. I would pay Robert Pattinson to have sex with me, and Taylor Lautner. Id write them a check. I would pay off whoever Greg wanted to pop off as well. It would be Rihanna or Jennifer Hudson maybe. Or Toccorra from top model. Actually, I think it would be Pinky the pornstar...yeah.....Ima go with that one. But anyway, I would become terrible I know it! If someone pissed me off, I know if I had the money, I would hire a hitman to kill the person then I would go to jail for man slaughter...I know myself to well. And I would deserve to be in jail because the person that pissed me off, it would be over something super dumb like.."That person looked at me funny, or told a friend something about me." I know I would spaz out and hire someone to off them. Anyway! Point being I will never win the lotto because if I did It would not be pretty at all. But heres some of the stuff I would buy.

I would become best friends with Lady Gaga and buy all her clothes and have them altered to fit my size 18 ass..

I would get a cupcake shirt..

I would have plenty of these...studded jackets!

This whole outfit is just cute I think....I need boots man!

Umm...I just love the shades and if I ever see any, Im buying them, I do not care how blind I am. I will walk into walls but at least I will look cool doing it..

I want...
This is so sexy
Many of these....like I said.........

My dumb ass if I was rich would rock this around the house, just because I could..

I would have a Barbie room...

Im not a nail person but....how can I get that?

I like the shirt...

I am so getting into floral prints this year, funny because I thought they were so ugly at the time. I want to go to Torrid today so bad.....I want those damn pants....


  1. LMAO@ the outfit you'd wore around the house. That is so Tina Turner as Auntie Entity. You are so funny. My husband and i often talk about what we will do when we win the lottery.

  2. Hhahahaaha! Its true! I would so become such a bad person, and lazy..lol! And yes girl, i would rock corsets around the house...that why the lotto doesnt just happen to everybody...lol