Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chips Ahoy!!!

Just thought I would take a picture of Twilight book shrine. Proof I read the books and I was rolling with Edward before there even was an audition. Pretty sick right?

So before I left for California, I went to H&M and had a field day. I was in Virginia I think. H&M has a collection called The Garden and this was apart of it. All cotton lace print wing-like shirt. It is very pretty on. I have no major profess camera like others, but if I did I think you cold really grasp the shirt for all it is. It is much better looking in personal. So when I uploaded this photo on my Mac I really made sure I made the details boast. I did the best I can. The pants are actually from T.J Maxx in California. I think I was in the one in Carlsbad, or maybe Casa Blanca Beach. Don't remember. But there so sailor. I love them. I wear these with a black shirt most of the time. But I like it as well, with the shirt. Again, I need a better camera to show the awesome detail.

So the shirt was 24 dollars. And the pants were 15 dollars. Very nice outfit when walking the board walk.... I would have wore my hair out.

This is just one of my favorite shirts actually. I had it for years and I will never through it away. This was when I was in my punk years and I was always in Hot Topic. Check out the skulls..

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  1. I heart the white shirt. It's cute and very flattering.