Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Night NeverLand! Sweet Dreams Hawaii!

What a day. It ended at the chinese joint with a phone call. I looked at my phone and it said Buga Suga. Which is Greg's name in my phone. I give everyone nicknames in my phone, never real names. I got so happy. I answered laughing. Greg and I just sat there giggling at each other. Pretty awesome. So he got his phone. He is in Hawaii. He turned back on his phone. Which he got a blackberry. I am so happy we can finally communicate. No more email. Wow. I think it is finally kicking in. He sounded so awesome over the phone. He sent me this pic from Hawaii. This is the second picture I got from him. This whole time. Its been that long. I asked why he took a picture of him looking extra mean. He said he did not wanna look stupid so he went with this one. I love it.
I saw this truck leaving Walmart. Its always good to have your camera. I found this ironic. I love it though, reminded me of him. Rose just left my house. I actually had an....
Odd moment.
How far we come.
Me and him....
He called me twice. I was busy. And...
I don't know, we are, just use to being apart...
Things are different now.
Like when Greg left for bootcamp. When he came back. We never held hands for the first month. We were so use to being seperate <--sorry girlfriend. After a while Greg would grab my hand and be like "You don't like holdin hands anymore?" And I would just be like.."habit". I feel off...or maybe...naww..
off is the word. Back to square one..

So I bought these 90 dollar jeans and I love them. There called Silver jeans. My mom actually pitched in for these. I love them. I have a thing for fucked up jeans. So cool. I always wanted a pair. I remember being a size 15/16 and wanting a pair. But the pants I wanted were only a size 5. By American Eagel <---sorry again...sweets. Thank god for Torrid. Now I can buy them in MY size. Yippie! They looked great on.

Top: New York & Company (28 dollars..on sale for 15)
Necklace: New York & Company (12 dollars)
Jeans: Silver Jeans Torrid (90.00 dollars)
Attitude: Priceless..(hahaha..)

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