Thursday, April 8, 2010

Parking Tickets & Love

Hola world. I am a bundle of flowers right now. I have been packing. Seeing Rose. Packing. Seeing Rose. I talked to Greg yesterday by phone. He got a blackberry by the way. He is super stoked. We talked for hours. We giggled and we laughed. I forgot how much he made me laugh. I laughed so much. I find it cute how he said he missed my laugh. I laugh like a Hyena on xanax. But he loves it. Which blows me away. One week. One week till I see him. Of course we talked about coming home. We talked about movies we have to see. In case you guys did not know, Greg and I are movie buffs. Huge movie buffs. We go to the movies every weekend and sometimes during the week. It could be a tuesday and he could come home from work and say "Babe, lets go to the movies." Very random we are. We are getting a 50 inch flat screen when we get back to California. He is so excited. With all the deployment money, we can afford just about anything.

True love, Rhett and Scarlet...
I always thought. And I am going to say this. Because I am open like a book. When you are with a man in the military you think of cheating. You think what if he met someone else. What if this and what if that. You feel he has plenty of offers to get pussy. He is a marine, with rank. But after hearing him over the phone. And after hearing him giggling and him begging me to move my ticket up so he can see my right away. I know he didn't. And even if he did, his lye is so amazing. He sounds so excited. He claims he can not wait till next friday. How he needs me now. And of course we sent "pictures" of each other. Private pictures of each other. He told me he loved them and that night he actually.....
I think you guys can do the math...
*tee hee*
But i was flattered...

I adore him. I can not believe this is it. I told him I want to see the movie The Runaways this weekend, but he said don't. He said wait for me. Omg, I want to post the email he sent me this morning on here but then you guys would no how perverted he is. So I will save him some dignity. He begged me to move my date up. But the ticket would be 300 dollars and we got shit to pay for when we get back. So I told him I could not move it. He was bummed. He said he is going crazy without me. God I love him. I feel I feel in love with him all over again...

Love these shoes by the way, I can make your bed rock...
So I finally, the wait is over. Im going to have a lot of video of him when I get home. I'll introduce him. He is a riot. You know, I know I am not as smart as a lot of people. I still have to get my degree and it keeps getting pushed back all the time. I know I suck at math to the point where I am stupid. I know Im spoiled and live in a huge bubble. But I have something a lot of people do not have. I have him. Many have a steady job, a masters, children, and much much more than I do. But to know I have him. To know I found my best friend and soulmate. To know he feels exactly the same way. I feel honored. I love him so much.
Aghh, I could go on for days about how amazing he is.
I use to cry in the mirror when I was 13 and hope and wish I could get a boyfriend. All my friends had boyfriends and I was always single. Always alone. But I know why now. Because something out there knew I was going to meet him....which would be all worth it in the end.

I got a parking ticket today fro 50 dollars. I was pissed. Still kinda am. But oh well. Its my fault. Life moves dad said he'd pay it....


I had no clue packing was such a handful.

But, I can't wait to be with him again...



  1. I love how open and honest you are. Your parents sound so sweet.

  2. lol! my parents are sweet. awesome mom gets on my nerves but only because we are sooo alike.... :)

    and yea, i always been a fan of telling my buisness

  3. i still have that hello kitty lipstick and never used it. i feel so bad not telling you about this $1 sale about high end designers happening the 16th. i have finals and while im typing to you im supposed to be writing two papers quickly so i can pick up my daughter. but the procrastinator in me wont allow that to happen. if i see something i think you would love, i will send you a packed, hey a dollar for marc jacobs and proenza is not bad

  4. omg!!!!!! crystal id you do that I will worship u!!!!!