Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Walk Walk Shoe Fashion Baby!!!!!!!!

What is going on with me and shoes. You guys should see my shoe collection here at my house. It is so weak. It is pretty sad. I normally don't give a shit about shoes, but I have been seeing a lot of nice kicks. Every show you see on here is something I would wear. Even if they would make me tall and Tranny-licous...

  • Awesome Heels
These do not look as tall. Not very stiletto. I think I could actually rock these without looking like I am on stilts.
  • Clocked Clogs
I see the all black clunky heels all the time. I LOVE THEM! I wonder how much they are on sale. Sad part is I would never wear these.
  • Lindsey's Pink....well, you know...
I like her shoes, alot. I look shoes that have a splash of color...
But I like them...
  • Floral Boots
You see the floral ones? I love them. They are so sexy!!! I want these more then anyone. I swear. Plus i love the Doc Martins on there....


  1. lol, sorry hun, not feeling the floral boots, they hurt my eyes.
    Do love the red pumps with the black toe and the polka dot wedges though.

  2. aint those boots crazy??? lol! I am feelin the polka dot wedges as well :)