Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can't Afford U, Yet, I Want You

Awesome website of things I can not afford. I am laying down on my sofa with the worst cramps ever. I drunk tea, I took Midol, I still feel like I got punched in the tubes. Ouch. Nothing works. I feel like shit. So while I die here on the sofa, I will post my fab favs. Thing I would buy if I had the cash, and stuff I would stretch out to fit.

All from

  1. Feathers:

How bad ass is this whole outfit. Anything on the shoulders sells for me. This looks like something H&M would sell. I love it. Its very dramatic. The shoes with the outfit is pretty bad ass as well.

2. Beach Wear

I would so rock this. Its just right. I can see this over a nice two piece.

3. Floral

Yikes. I want this so bad.

4. Clutch

Reminds me of a bean, its very different. I feel like shit......*arghhh* sorry, Ima make it through.

5. Gladiator

Lemme pep up for these shoes. I love these. There army green which looks really good on my skin I swear. Purples my favorite color but army green looks so good on me, that should be my favorite...

6.) Heels

Apparently Beyonce was rocking these the other day. How awesome are these. So nice. I would not wear these because I can tell I couldn't walk in these if I tried.

7. Cupcake Clutch

This was in the Sex in the City movie right? I have no clue. I think it was, either way this is bad ass. I loved that movie buy the way, DV you would be proud of me, lol! Okay, Im bout to lay down. I am dying. Greg just texted me, hopefully he is on his way home. He gives the best massages. Im out! :)


  1. aww is it that time of the month? ---> i take Vitamin B12.....its the best! it helps soo much with cramps and the thunder bolts in ur tummy! :) google it! :)

    PS. LOVE LOVE these items! :D

  2. Ooh those gladiators look similar to these cute sandals Toya from Tiny and Toya had on a few days ago. And girl, dont even get me started on those heels Bey was rockin!!!...."I cant afford you either....but DAMMIT I need you in my life!" haha. I feel like that's what I need to tell the shoes. lol. And thank you so much for the comments on my page, I just LOVE getting sweet comments on my blog, makes my whole post worth while
    You made a follower as well :-)