Monday, April 12, 2010

The Wait Is Over

Monday is over. Finally. Didn't take that long. I am using pimple cream right now and watching A Beautiful Mind on cable. So far it is pretty sweet. My hair got wet, it is gonna take forever to dry. The pictures above is me in D.C. Funny because I grew up on the edge of Maryland and I am use to seeing the White House and seeing the Capital. It does not faze me. Just as I am sure people in New York are use to seeing the Statue of Liberty, yet someone like me would take a picture. I have this feeling that I will never go to sleep. I already know once I am about to see Greg I won't sleep for 24 hours because of my excitement. I am trying to be more relaxed about my face but I keep getting weird about it.I am trying to stay positive but I look in the mirroe and I feel kinda bad. I do not have any major bumps, just one. Hopefully it will be half way gone by friday...*crosses fingers*

I am about to check my email then try and watch this movie. I don;t think my sleeping pills are gonna kick in. I wish I could turn off my brain like a light switch. I think entirely too much. I am always in my head. People have no idea.

Anyway. Check out the video below near the end. It was kinda sad putting this together yet a very happy feeling all at once. It was like a journey. How far I come. From when I started, to know. Right now its the Rose and Tia show. Soon it will be the Greg and Tia show. Im gonna miss her. Even though I am gonna see her in California in a few. LOL! But still...I need to move forward with my life and understand California is now my home. I keep trying to create the idea merging the two. Soon I will just deal.

Check out the vid:

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