Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Day

Its 5:00 in the morning and I know why I am up. My body knows whats going on. Then again my brain knows whats going on. Today is Thursday. My last full day in Maryland until tomorrow. I woke up freezing and feeling a tad bit crappy. Yesterday I looked at my surroundings and noticed things I never noticed before. Stuff I am glad I noticed and somethings Im not so happy I noticed. But in my conclusion, It was meant for me to figure out those things. Greg and I talked on the phone for a few hours. He makes me laugh a lot. He still has a lot to do. He needs to turn the cable back on. Get the car out and put the full amount of insurance back on the cars. Greg is so relaxed. So calm. Which is not me, I am the total opposite. We are two completely different people. But the perfect different. We even each other out. Im paranoid and that helps him stay focused and not be so relaxed about major things. His care free ways helps me not to worry "as" much and lets me now If I am being overly dramatic about small things. It works. Last month I told myself I was going to push the shit out of March. Now I have to push the shit out of these 2 days. Well, actually one.
Greg told me last night that he loves being married. Which was so sweet. It made me smile because I could tell from his voice, he means it. I am very lucky I gave him a chance that day when we first met. If someone told me he was going to be the one for me, I would not have believed it. Now I do.

Im going to try and go back to sleep.

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  1. I am anxiously waiting for you to tell us about being reunited with Greg. It's to a point where I feel like I'm the one who's going to see my husband after 8 months lol. I'm so excited for you!!!