Friday, April 2, 2010

Aprils New Beginnings: Ends With A Lovely Friday

Friday. So I did this cleanse last night. I had a wash cloth over my face. Hot water steam. Then I drunk some tea. I woke up, with yet another bump. But not as bad these bumps are kinda small. Greg said "Babe, the last thing I care about is bumps on your face. I need you and want you. I am not gonna care if you have a break out." I understand he cares more for me. But let me state this for people who read this blog and has not a clue why I am worried and being all up in arms over a few bumps. Im am going to break it down because you average female will not understand my reasoning. Here it goes:
I have not seen Greg in 8 months. I have talked to Greg 3 times over the phone. I have not touched him in 8 months. I have been able to call him for 8 months. I dated Greg for 7 years and this is the longest we have been apart since bootcamp at that was only 3 months. When you are in a relationship with someone in the "military" you see things slight different. When you see the fucker everyday you could give a shit what you look like. But I am not your average wife. We are not your middle America white picket fence everyday wife with a 9 to 5 working everyday husband. He is gone alot. So when I see him I want to look my best. I KNOW Greg loves me and does not care about no damn bumps, but I am seeing things this way only because I am about to see him for the first time in almost a year. The only women who understand what I am talking about are women who are married to military men. And from convos with them I see its apparent I am not the only one.
Next Topic.

I love when people put together these little magazine like outfits. It is so cute and I want to make on myself but I do not have Photoshop for Mac just yet. I only have it for PC.

1.) Green In Wonderland

I would kill for those glasses. Why can't I find any that are knock offs. I want the green shoes by the way, and the green bag makes me want to steal again. The whole Alice and Wonderland shirt is hot as well. I'd wear this whole thing except for the white pants.

2.) British Subway:

I am so into the whole british flag rings, shirts and clutches. If only I could find my size in them. Love the shade and the bag is to die for. Nice Docs by the way.
3.) Sunny Epiphany

Okay we all know I would not rock the shorts. But I love the Aviators and the gold Chanel earrings. And the splash of blue I love. I am also feeling the yellow sun bag.
4.) The White Stripez

I own two striped shirts like this. Usually a big girl cant wear it because it make you fatter. Is that the rule? Well, it needs to be broken. I seem bigger girls than me rocking stripes and they were doing the damn thing. Love the blazer. Love the boots and the ballets.

5.) Pink & Purdy Nerdy

I am so digging the Nerd Glasses but I refuses to tell anyone. I think it looks dumb at times but now I am falling for them. Love the tee shirt. And I am feeling the hell out of the floral boots.
6.) Cupcake & Spinklez

I am feeling the whole pink color these days. Usually, I go for darker tones. I love purple, black and dark blues. I find my hues brighting up a lot. Love the candy colors. Those shades scream "Tia! Buy me bitch!"
7.) Cat Daddy

I want those shoes so bad. One of my favorite bloggers own a pair of these. I love this whole look. I love the hat and the blue button down. Its all down hill from here.
Happy Friday!!!!!

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