Monday, April 5, 2010

When The Dog Bites, When The Bees Sting..

I was almost in a panic. I tried to call my hair stylist for my dreds and I thought I lost the god damn number! Wow that was close. I got the number and made my appointment which is today. At 2:30. Its like one now. Hopefully I will be done by the time Rose gets off. She plans on coming over. I was wondering why I am seeing her so much but it is because Im off to California again. Im going to miss her but at the same time I kinda wont. Because she is flying out in a few months to chill with mwah and Greg. Hopefully she is coming around Greg's birthday. July. I can not wait. Oh man my hair looks a mess. My hair is crying. My mom said "Why do you let your hair get so bad? It all fuzzy." Its dreds. Its suppose to look as they say "nappy". I am not quite fond of the word. But you understand. I am not one of those chicks who groom there locs all the time and make sure its neat and flat. I rock my hair like a dred-lock rasta Bob Marley style. I don't give a fuck.

Why must Kelly Osbourne look amazing all the fucking time...
OOH! So I was at Torrid today and they have these pants that are bad ass and only forty. I might pick them up before I leave. I have no clue. They kinda look like these pants just without the sparkle. I want them bad. I might get them before I leave...
Nice Tees....
Again, why must Kelly Osbourne always look amazing all the fucking time?
I need a new purse. Im so over my Bestey bag. I looked everywhere for one and none were in site. I hate that bag now. I loved it when I got it though. I do not need any bags though. What a lie.

Now tell me these shoes are not bas ass... try and tell me...
Ohh, and Kid Cudi... I have a crush on him. I have no type. I have a top 5 personality for all the guys I like. And I like your average skinny jeans, weed head, nice smile, cartoon anime lover...dork....
Heres a video about this blog I guess. Because people kept asking what this blog was. So I kind of explain it in the video and show pictures of my journal Senior year. Which was like 6 years ago..or maybe more...Check it out if your bored.


  1. those sequence harem pants are from H&M and i passed on them and seen Saks in the City with them on and punched myself in the face. I loved the Osbornes too. I spoke in a british accent for months so it could stick, it never did i still sound like a jersey girl. Dont try to define your blog, its just YOUR SHIT. I want to look at that big ass journal btw, im just really nosey. i like to know stuff. and THANKYOU for the honorable mention. I have been depressed a bit so i havent been commenting lately. tata sweetuhmz

  2. thanks crystal your my favs. Im glad ur nosey because I like telling my buisness. HAHAHA! But yes I love Kelly Osbourne till this day. As for me trying to label this blog....its only because people keep trying to post a label on glad people like u like me :) lol!
    thanx gurl :) cheerup love