Thursday, April 8, 2010

2 Die 4

I like the way the picture turned out. Anyway. Okay, I been talking so much about my life which as been crazy. I had no clue how much work packing is. So now its time to talk fashion. Things I would wear. If you have not noticed I love Asian style and punk rock style. Why? Because something about wearing fucked up chucks and a spiky leather jacket, with red ass lips, sounds amazing. I have no clue why I am into that look.

Floral and Fafi:
Love the skirt and the emerald shoes. Floral seems to be in this year. Why? I have no idea

Mary Kate & Ashley Swag
I want to own at least one thing from Chanel. At least those earrings. I guess. Love there style

Jeans & Pearls:

This outfit would be so bad ass. The shoes are a killer by the way. The pearls blow me away.

Para & More:
I would wear this. People would laugh at me but I do not care. Love the yellow shoes.

Punk+Haley= Emo-mazing:
I would have wore this in high school. The hat, the shoes and the shirt, so 2003 but loves it

Floral Power:
Amazing. Girlie and pink. I usually do not like pink. But this salmon color is nice!

Striped White:
Love the leggings. And again, I love the chucks...very cute...damn Chanel bag...*sigh*

Rock N rOLLS:
I think I have a thing for chucks...

Hot 2 Trot:
This is my fav by far! Look at the bottom of those shoes! To Die For!!!!!!!

Simple In Paris:
Adore this outfit. Nice shoes.

Purple People Eaters
Love purple. And purple hair. Did you know I had purple hair my freshman year of college. Before the crazy Nicki Minaj hair raids

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