Monday, April 12, 2010

Packing Up and Shipping OUT

My picks of...I am sorry. I am so side tracked looking at the sushi in my picture. This is an old picture. I will say it was last summer. Who knows, its always summer in California. So I am not sure when. But I know where. This is at my favorite sushi spot down in the street from my place. Just 5 minutes away. Dangerous right. Ok my. I see I am about to crush my favorite sushi rolls. Captin Mitch Roll and The Chuck Norris roll. Yum. Yeah, that was the name of them. I am so getting sushi. I want some now actually. Damn it.
I want some.

I wish I could chill with John Lennon. I am sure he was so cool to kick it with. Maybe he would have shown me how smoke a joint.

So anyway, I gotta go to my Moms school. Take pictures for her end of the year slide show. I am so tired. I don't feel like doing anything. I want to be lazy. Im kinda worried about my bags. That charge that makes it more money for bags. God damn it. I wish my mind did not work this way. Figures it does. I wish I could just chill. Never gonna happen. Greg and I have this thing were we count down days in a weird ways. Every email says at the end.."Can't wait to see you, 5 days and a wake up". That stands for a day you just wake up, we won't count it as a day. Just to make it seem faster. It works. And we don't count the day that we are in. Like today. We won't count monday, just tuesday, wendsday and thursday. Then friday is the wake up. Pretty mushy and romantic I guess.

Heres pics that I like. No importance to them at all.

I like Jessica Simpson. I don't know why. There is something very real about her and she is really pretty to me. I liked her since Newlyweds. Plus she banged John Mayer and he called her Sexual Napalm. That means Jess can get it in. The quote is just saying she likes wearing her hair messy, so do I.

I have a crush on Kirsten. I small one. Not sexually, but she intrigues me. Maybe it is the fact she is Bella Swan.

Who ever did this shit should be shot...*rolls eyes*


Gaga looks amazing in this. She looks so cute. I want to buy her lips stick from MAC but I am not a huge lipstick girl. But if it had Hello Kitty or Gaga's name I want it. Most likely I would get a dark shade.

Chrisette Michelle cut her hair. She is going natural. Loves it. She says she thinks black chicks are to over worked by hair. So she cut hers. Pretty much the "I AM NOT MY HAIR" movement. Alot of chick are all about there hair and thinks it makes them. I don;t give a shit about hair at all, hence my dreds. But there is something about a nice weave...

Rihanna can do no wrong. At lest not to me. What a pimp.

Last but not least. Nikki Minaj. Did you know her fan base is mainly young girls. Strange. I would think older. But hey, its Barbie bitch, right? I love her. I hope she comes out the closet with her butt. She got it done. I saw video of her before she got big and, well, its fake. LOVE HER! But her ass is huge and doesn't even..move...My friend Rose has a huge basketball ass and hers moves...Nicki's just sits there. Nip and Tuck.
Im not dumb.
Im from South Carolina, home of fat ass...
Thats a stuffed one.
NOT HATING! I LOVE HER..But c'mon Nick..your legs are like a frogs yet your ass is like a god damn horse..


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