Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just Landed: Back Into The Swing

This is proof Rose and I were best friend since 10 years old. Actually in this picture we are like 12 but same thing. Look how skinny I was, until I found jesus in cake. LOL! So yeah, thats Rose and me at 12 years old going to six flags..I can not believe the Jeep behind us is the one I have been driving this whole freaking time. Oil changes must really be the life of your car. So in total Rose and I knew each other for 15 years...longer then my marriage...
I woke up before him as usual. This apartment needs a mad makeover but I will wait for taxes. Walking in was nice. Driving home and seeing the signs for Los Angelous was not strange at all. Seeing all the places again was amazing. But I guess my heart and mind just felt like, "Hey, Your home." I can not believe California feels like home. I can not imagine. So I just got home. My parent should be sending boxes over and stuff. Can not wait. Greg and I agreed that we should rearrange the whole apartment. We are getting a brand new t.v today so, thats a start. We are gonna move the old t.v in out bedroom and throw away the little t.v. So much to do, so little time. I will start posting fashion later on this week. Soon as I start getting into the swing of things. Until then, rekindle time. Also, Ima do a video with Greg. Because, no one knows him...well...a select few who follow me or the select few who just come to my blog all the time, has met Greg.
So for those who have not you get to see my sweet pea. Back to real life. Back to being .... Me.

This is just some art work of mine... I was bored one day..and raided Walmart craft paint

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