Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Kitty For A Girl With Huge T$%@ies

Do you know this was a zero? In Torrid that is. It fits. Shocker! Maybe because the stretch is just right. Because I usually can not squeeze into a zero. Rose could fit a zero, so I know somethings up. I love her all geeked up. So awesome. Reminds me of a friend of mine who's birthday is coming up. Wink Wink. :)

I started my love for Hello Kitty in middle school. And it never went away. She is just too cute. Greg says she freaks him out. Because she has no mouth and she just stares at you....Its pretty funny.

Heres some extra stuff I found on the net from other places.

"I have the necklace! But where the hell is it?? I lost the fucking kitty! The whole point of me buying it! That shit was 12.00 dollars!" - Me


  1. I feel you on the Hello Kitty love. She is so adorable!!!

  2. c est la folie hello kitty aussi ici ma fille en est folle ;O)