Monday, April 5, 2010

Roger That...Ra Ra... Roger That!

Went partying in D.C. Had some okay fun. I really wanted chinese food. I was right by China Town as well. Damn it. Britney wanted to dance so thats cool. What a weekend. I saw my god brother from another mother Shomari. We laughed all night on sunday. We had fun. I grew up with him. Our moms had a fall out, so we stopped seeing each other. But we contacted each other and it is still like how we were when we was 3 years old. We laughed about the old times and all. My girl Rose was having such a bummed week last week. But I can tell by hearing her voice this morning she is happier. Damn you Rose. Sorry, I have to say it. Rose got dick last night....Im so jealous. *sigh*
I have not been intimate in a billion years....cob-webs.... *eww.* Hahahaha! Congradz you bitch.

So we partyed it up. Still I feel nothing. I am very emotional. But I feel nothing. I feel Greg was such a dream. Never happened. All his emails are him counting down. I am listening to my Miss You playlist on itunes. I feel something but not as strong. Rose said it will kick in on the plane. I think when I see Greg I am going to fall down and cry. I get the holy ghost everytime I spaz out and I am not even Christian.

So Rose and I tried to get some Easter sales. The sales were lame. I was surprized. Aint that jesus day? I went to Sephora and got Urban Decay Palette. Rose got one too! I love it. I played with it as soon as I got home. Hence the one green eye and one pink eye...HA HA! I said pinky eye...*tee hee*. I want to butt fuck these colors. They pop so well. Even without primer.

Bout to go to Torrid now. I'll post some new shit later. I am so behind. I have 2 weeks left and I have not even packed... eek...

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