Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Skinny Little Bitch: Holes Back & Massive Attack!

Courtney Loves new cd just came out, I would not have known unless I watched The View online. Unlike most I love Courtney. A lot of people can not stand her. My friend Jackie loved her as well. We bonded on that note. Her single is called "Skinny Little Bitch". She is just.. amazing. So I am going to get this cd as soon as possible. I love her voice. So deep and crazy. She is such a mess and she knows it. I would watch her on youtube, admiring her concerts. She would spit, yell, smoke, drink and give the finger all in one set. She was so fearless. I think she is the word. She is so awesome. Her demeanor is so edgy and her music takes me to a place where, as a woman, I can feel. I am so excited her new cd is out. I am in love. It would be nice to sit back, let the album play and play the Sims all day. But my game has been acting dumb. There is no hope for me in that department. That game is such a curse.
Top 3 Favorite Courtney Love songs

  • Doll Parts
One of my favorites because its mellow and sad. Very drawn out, old strumming, and sad cries from Courtney. The best line is "I want to be the girl with the most cake..." To me it means she wants all the attention. Who doesn't sometimes.

  • Mono
Its so rock and roll. It was the comeback she made as a solo artist without the band Hole. Best line was "Ecstacy, Hard Drugs, and Bad Luck.."

  • Violet
Its just a good song and Courtney's screams does all the work. She is so angry on this one.

For some reason it won't download. What the hell man. I am gonna see if Greg could help me get my Mac set to have more memory for the Sims. It should have it already! That huge thing can't even handle a few downloaded gigs. Lets get it together Mac. You been doing the damn thing, do not lose it. The game goes supper slow and looks choppy. Regardless, I am playing it tomorrow. It is so fun. We will see how it goes.


  1. Looking forward to hearing the new album. Saw her in concert about 10 years ago and she's awesome (back when Auf De Maur was in the band, she kicks some serious ass too!)

  2. your sims game might be running crazy because you need an update. Check the website and see if there were some patch releases that might help it run normal again.

    Going to buy that fucking cd soon as I have the cash...