Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cold, Stoned, and Printed Memories

So I went to Cold Stone, wearing this. It is a sad story but I am not going to go into it. Okay I will. I was having a total melt down moment. I am such a emo..anyway, I was flipping out and took a ride in my Cavi. On the way I landed at Torrid. What are the odds? Anyway, I flipped in a happy way when I saw there clearance. I bought a couple of things. I felt bad in the end, but my style did not. I am such a naughty fucker, I so did not need anymore clothes. Either way, Greg did not care. I guess, he did not. Right now I am in bed with him typing while he looks for car parts on E-Bay. We are watching the movie Jennifers Body with Megan Fox. She is not as hot as I remembered her.
Either way, back to the story. I was in Torrid and I saw the manager there. I put in an application there about a year ago. They never called me. Every time I walk in that Torrid I think about how the rejected me. I wonder why the never hired me. I mean, yeah, there was no hiring sign. Maybe my application sucked. Maybe I did not work enough places. I wanted to ask the lady today did she remember me and was she still hiring. But I didn't. If they did not hire me then why would they hire me now. Do they know how much money they would make just by hiring me? They have no clue, my checks would just go right back to them. Dumb fucks. I want to work there, pretty bad..
The lady was extra nice, the manager chick. But I figure she was only nice to me because, its her damn job to smile in my damn face...
I am still pissed I never got the job, can't you tell? :)
Pants are from Torrid by Source Of Wisdom. I love them pants! All this was in the clearance by the way. Shirt was from Torrid. The shawl was from Forever 21, which I got a while back...

Remember when I mentioned I bought some Urban Decay for 14.00 dollars. Well here it is, its more like a test and try sample type thingy. Either way, Its awesome.

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