Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Got My Hair Did And My Awesome Shirt From H&M

Make over time! Well, not really. I got my hair done. I got a week before I leave for home. Hello California here I come. It turned out good. But I kinda miss my rasta look. I am not your average loc person. I get my hair done every other month. I hardly ever groom them. I just let it go. I am the person who actually likes bed hair. But it was time. I needed a good wash. So my hair dresser gave me spiral curls. It is okay. I like the fact its clean. And no fuzzy parts. I needed. I just want the curls to fall a bit. I'd like it more. Other then that I love it. What a difference.
I HATE UNDER THE DRYER! It is so painful. I get antsy. But I took a picture in my set. I thought of you guys.
And wa laa!!!!! There it is. It needs to drop more. I look like Shirley Temple. On the good ship! Lolly pops!!!

So I will never wear this shirt I think. I keep trying to post it but it never works. I got it from H&M and saw it on one of my other fav blogs..


check her out! http://nubianqueen89.blogspot.com/

She rocked the shit out this shirt! Loved it. So I got one maybe 2 weeks later when I went to H&M. So here it is. You know I had to get it. Look at the shoulders..so Ga Ga..


  1. i like the hairs. once it drops and gets all fuzzy its going to be tooooo cute. sometimes i miss my natural hair, i may go bald again

  2. i LOVE the curls....so cute. A few of my favorite blogs feature ladies with dreads and they look so good...I swear it makes me wanna lock my hair but i love my 'fro too much.

    About that H&M shirt...you definitely will 9and have to) wear it because it is so you. just give it time and the inspiration for a banging outfit will come to you...and thanks for the shout out =D