Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dont Stop Believing: Shoez Gone Mad

It was top model the other day in my house. Im trying to learn how to walk in these heels. I got these Steve Madden Girls at Marshalls yesterday, or one of these days. I love them. I do not feel to tall in these. But they make my feet look small and they are very me. But heres the problem. I can not walk in heels. It looks like I am trying to...well....walk in heels. It is pretty funny. Someone like me who never wears heels look horrible walking in them. So I have been practicing my walk lately. I am getting older, I should start wearing some pumps.

My outfit was pretty regular that day. Regular grey top and some skinny jeans, which actually made my legs look quite yum. And your average everyday jean jacket. Then the lovely Steve Maddens shoes. They were 25 dollars. Regularly 80 dollars. What a deal.

I want a shirt like this....
I need contacts! I am tired of seeing people with cool ass gaga-like shades. Makes me jealous and full of rage. Grrrr....*giggles*
So yeah.... I need a bathing suite asap. I live 2 minutes from the beach back in Cali and I am so going to the beach like everyday. I miss it already. The annoying part about going back to Cali is I gotta move my records over again! School business. I need to give the college there my records....Its a mess and I do not want to talk about it, it just worries me. Basically in a nut shell I am trying to pass all these damn maths...Shoot me. I am like the dumbest noodle when comes to math. I swear I have ADD in those damn classes. I start daydreaming so fast. No Bull-shit.

So I am feeling these. But these seem a little much. I saw these on The View. Yes, I watch The View. Whoopi Goldberg is my hero. Seriously.

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