Monday, April 26, 2010

Glam Rock Edge: A Burst Of Green Punk

Coming home to California made me realize the extend of my fashion problem. Opening the door to my closet made me almost take another deep breathe. In the closet was things I have not even popped tags on, and some things that I only wore once. My face nearly turned purple. On one hand this gives me a lot of pictures to take for this blog and completely will turn this into something I wanted it to be. I saw tops that I missed, like this beloved Tee. I got this from the guy section of Hot Topic. I love the guys section, to me is a lot better. Not because it is guaranteed to fit. But because I feel there tee shirts have more personality then the female side. Hence why this shirt was mine in a matter of seconds.

The Bag is from this store Downtown San Diego called The Closet. The shoes are from Hot Topic which are my favorite shoes ever. Jeans are Torrid and the shirt is Hot Topic, like I said. Chow!


  1. Loving those shoes... and the jeans... of course fab (as I have the same ones) You go girl... thanks for stopping my my neck of the woods. :)

  2. wow! love the shoes!!! plus the bag is FABULOUS!! thanks so much for following and commenting! i'm following you too!!!