Monday, April 12, 2010

Old Spice Dream with 3 Days and A Wakeup

So have this huge over-grown bumps pushing out right in between my eyes. Sucks but I will take that then a huge one on my forehead or a large blistered one on my nose. So I will deal. And let it be. Its pretty huge and it hurts but I used my trusty acne spot treatment for it. Have not seen to much of a difference but I just put it on today. Plus it is pretty huge. Might take a couple of days to get the memo. When I got home today I fell asleep. I think chicken lo mein does it for me. I get very sleepy. Like I am now. I had two related strange dreams. One was when I got to California, Rent-a-center guys were all in my place taking my stuff. Greg was never around so I flew back to Maryland. The next one was off the Old Spice commercial. I think it was the same dream. Either way, check this out, I just told Rose this when I woke up, I was about to "get it in" with this guy from the old spice commercial. I was about to do the business but before I did I asked him "Hey, this is a dream right? This is not real, so I can bang you right?" And the guy laughed and said. "Yeah, its a dream, your okay." So I went for it. How wild was that dream? I am even cautious when I sleep.

I love Crystal Light Slurpees's. So god damn good. Just enough sugar, I could drink that all damn day..
So I see my Mom In-Law on Thursday. How the hell am I gonna pull this off. I am seeing a billion and one people. Well, at least it feels like it. I am suppose to say hello to my friend tomorrow but that lovely person has not texted me back yet about me stopping by. Thank god I wear glasses so if I wanted to I could hide this bump. Here I go again. I am such a fruit fly. I am still super tired. Might fall asleep again. Rose is going to bed once she gets home. So I might as well join the club.
My beautiful mother nature friend is gaining up on me. Fuck you mother nature. You might be surprizing me here and there but Im'a make you go away. Im in a war with Aunt Flow. Bitch I will see you next May. Talk to you later. I have cramps but no evidence of Flow, if you know what I mean. Evidence here and there, but nothing strong to prove a case. Tee hee. Greg will be in California tomorrow. Finally, maybe I will here from him. Im excited. Tomorrow is the big day. He will be back! Wow. I wish I could be there for this welcome home thing they are having. But I will have my day friday. Plus I got work to do with this bump from hell...

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