Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Graveyard Of Ships

Above water I am nothing
Im a single ripple from the wave
Never the foam that rages against the rocks
My wraith is heavy like no winds
Sail boats sail but never my way
I am invisible to the sea

Above the ocean I am nothing
I am a stone that sinks to the bottom
Seagulls fly pass me and laugh to there expense
Next to a seashell I am a plain stone
They get put in the pocket while I am tossed aside
I am the salt in the air people spit out
I am the ugly cloud on a bright ocean sky

Above the pier I am nothing
People walk my boardwalk and hold hands together
Im the lawn chair on the beach that remains empty
I am smart
I know I will never be as bright as the sun
or as shiny as the oceans tides that yell his name...

But down there I am something
Anchors drag me down into the darkest part of the sea
Down there I am with you

We hold hands and walk the black sands
Coral wrapped around our toes
Here we are together
Here someone loves me
Here I am at peace
with him by my side
Down Below I am something

We dance a slow love song made by the whales
I loved you more and more, As we dance around the graveyard of ships
That sunk to the oceans floor
To never to see the light of day again...
with you....


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