Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frooty Tuesdayz: Bella's Ring

What a great day. So everyone knows I have moved back to California and junk. I had a nice tuesday. Rose and I did our lovely game of phone tag and Greg and I went shopping and I accidently bought an Urban Decay face case for myself. Oh it was only 14.99. You can not beat that! Greg gave me the side eye. Yet he started laughing at me because of my junky habits with makeup and a nice floral tee. Speaking of floral tees Target had a nice selection. I wish Targets line for plus size was a tad bit bigger. And I find it fucking lame that it is smashed right next to the Maternity section. I swear I bought a shirt or two that had maternity on it and I was stuck explaining to the hubbers its not what he thinks. It needs to be a tad bigger. Come on. I think there is more real woman sized these days. Right?
Either way, I find myself walking to the plus size section of Target and reaching down a shirt tag checking to see if its for a baby bump. Lets get it together Target.

Can someone tell me where this shirt is? Because I will get in my car now and go buy it with my light bill money, I have candles...

So I saw that they are selling Bella Swans engagement ring now. And yes, my gay ass wants one. Not the fake one and not the fine jewelry one. But the one that is 400 dollars. I think it is super romantic. How sweet! Because if someone proposes to you with that, that means so much. I am a huge fan of the books so this means a lot to me. This is sad I know, but hey, at least I know my issues. I am already married and I have a ring. But I dropped the hint to Greg that this would be a nice 10 year or 5 year anniversary gift. He thought it was a good idea. Hopefully down the line he will get it. I might cry. I am such a spaz, I love it. We have been married for almost 3 years. Still newbies. But all together we been together for 8 years...wow.....
And we still are crazy over each other....



  1. lmBooOo at the fact that you're willing to spend your light bill money!

    that is a very cute shirt!!! and i love that blazer too...

    cute blog... loves it!


  2. awww wish u and ur hubby another happy 8 years! :D When u find something good hold on to it! cant wait to find the guy for me! :D

    PS. omg i KNOW i hate it when stores have such a terrible colection for women who are n ot sizes 0-3. Its ridic. Even for really skinny girls it is hard to find clothing nowadays. CLothes seem to be built for fake boobs and padded butts and liposucked and tucked tummies :(