Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Funky Monkeyz And A Wish-List

I always have a wish list. Not that I am poor. But lets be honest, I can't go out buying anything I want on my salary. But of course if I could I would so buy all of this, like right now! Before I start my wish-list, I want to say I am so happy that I made it to 20 followers. Makes me happy people actually saved me. So if your a new follower, thanks for saving me! Plus size or not, thanks for checking my fashions. Yay! I was very happy when I saw 20. I remember when I had zero.

  • O.P.I Nail Polish

Love this nail polish so much. Every color they make is so off the chain. I just got a color from them, that beige nude color for nails the other week.

  • Jackie O Andy Warhol Style

I have so many Andy Warhol bags that it could take up this whole post. I really do not know where to start with Andy bags. I love them. This is the only one I don't have.

  • Betseyville Route 101

This bag make me wanna dance. I have a whole collection of Betsey as well. I need this one though. Look at the straps.

  • Go Ask Alice

This is a guys hat but, I would so rock this fitted under my dreds with a cute turquoise tee. I see it already..*sigh*

  • Long Tall Sally

I love shoes like this. Anything with zippers and chains win a place in my little heart.

  • Sephora Drives Me Batty

I was gonne buy this but Rose told me no. I should have bought it. But of course I did not. What the hell, should have got it when I had the money....

  • Hello Shitty :)

This is just bad ass.......
  • Minny Chucks

I would rock the crap outta these! Love the polka dots! I would rock these under ripped distressed jeans.
  • Hot Topic Stilettos

I actually saw these and wanted them very very bad. Hot Topic has the most unique tacky shoes ever, I love it..


  1. Love the unique tacky shoes. We don't have Hot Topic in Canada, but there's this little goth/tattoo store in the mall I work in and they have those shoes. I want them, so cool.
    Congrats on the 20 followers! lol, I know exactly how you feel, counting up follower by follower.

  2. Thanx love! Yes, I am counting like crazy, i like when people like! :) I love tacky shoes...the more the better

  3. the hot topic stillettos and the black nail polish are to DIE FOR...hahah u probably think im an emo :S :P

    bu srsly they would totally complete the badass look!

    omg i wish fo u to get everything on ur wishlist! :)

    Good luck hunting!

    I always have a wishlist too...i like to work towards goals and then rewards myself :)

    on mines right now:
    -cute black ankle booties....with a studded heel!
    -a military blazer
    -healthier hair :$
    and more summer dresses!

    happy shopping! :)

  4. I love the shoes, ahh so cute! Thanks for commenting my blog, I love comments <3