Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rose P: Beautiful, Successful and Heartless

Meanwhile In Maryland, lol! I always wanted to say that. But yeah, my girl Rose had a boat trip to go on. She emailed me the pictures and I was like "Your outfit it sick, send me the pictures of your shoes." I am always thinking about this blog. Like I said before, Rose is the shoe queen and I am the bag queen. Her shoe game is pretty sick. I love the zippers and the pyramids. All white crushers they are! She looked so cute. I got her permission of course, I love stalking her.
Shoes: from Ross Department Store
Twenty dollars...not bad...
Her pale pink shirt and all white pants are from...*thinks*...are from.??? Hold on let me text her. I'll get back to that. Don't ask why the guy is covered in the picture with a lady face. Long story. Lol!

Here we go!
Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory 12 dollars
Pants: Express (from Marshalls) 15 dollars..
What a buy! bitch....*rolls eyes*

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