Monday, April 12, 2010

Nautical & Glittering Seas

Once again I raped H&M. I always wanted to post this shirt but never got around to it. H&M has been hitting the spot lately. I want to go back on Thursday but my bags are already stuffed. I have so much clothes. Rose helped me pack Sunday. It sucks because of course my mom was worrying all in my ear making me worry. Jesus woman! Chill out! Now I know why I freak out so much, her ass. Sigh. But I love her. Even if she racks my nerves. I won't be posting too much this week because everything is packed basically. It was so hard seperating <---(sorry can't spell beautiful, just keep reading) clothes. Sending things, packing things. What mayhem. I want chinese today..
I am getting side tracked. I have to go to my mom's school. I got to get ready. No more parking tickets. Did you know I never got pulled over and handed a ticket? I had about 5 parking ticket though... that says a lot.

So anyway. Back to fashion. Love the shirt. The arms were actually a little bit snug. But I stretched the shit out of it. This shirt says its a medium. What a lie. Don't you love it when your clothes lie to you? Rose and I like it. I think she likes it. I like it. Either way, my boobs are a size of its own. Lets be real.

I like this look because the shirt is a look of its own. So there is no need to wear loud clothing. A simple pair of leggings and flats is needed. Or a short heel. Well, depends on what your into. The shirt is the star of the show. Very nautical, and glittery.

Top: H&M
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Target...(can't really see them but, there Target)

H&M how bout getting a a real one.....thanks...

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