Monday, May 31, 2010

Almost 25, The Five Things I have Learned

I been realizing that soon I am going to 25. In about four months I will be 25 years old. How does it feel. To be honest, amazing. Even though I still have not accomplished what I want in life yet and I have mega plans I want to do that I am super behind on. I can still look in the mirror and honestly be happy at where I am right now. Sounds bizarre right. People base there whole lives off of degrees and family and meeting someone special. I try not to focus on that. I try to focus of wherever the wind takes me. I like my life so far like that. Very unplanned and in the wind. I am on of those people that does not like control. Many people believe they are control freaks and need everything to be planned from beginning to end. Not me. So sometimes I look at myself and I ask myself why am I happy about being 25 even when I have not met a lot of my goals yet. Because I learned so much. I feel so much wiser then I did five years ago. I use to ask questions and wonder "why" about so many thing but now I have the answer to it all. I got wiser in places most can not. Of course we all as human beings begin to wonder about our lives and the paths we have took. I myself crawl into that hole from time toi time. But I always get out. Because I am honestly, happy.
I don't need to be angry. I don't need to cry about my lifestyle. I don't need to yell or be angry at anyone. I don't need to con my friends and make them be mean to other people...(that was dedicated to someone..) I don't need to be jealous, pitiful, or envious of anything or anyone. I followed my path, and i love where I am. As a whole I am happy and it took a awhile to get there. And it starts by not giving a flying..."fuck".

I am looking forward to my next 5 years until I am thirty. Will I become pregnant? Will I still be in Oceanside? Will I be bigger, will I be smaller. Will I finally get my masters, will I stick to just getting my bachelors...
I know none of these answers...
and I like that.
Here are the top 5 things I have learned so far in my life and about myself at 25. Well, being close too 25.

  1. Marry Your Friend
I am not a guru at love. I will never be. I mean I had two serious boyfriends and that is about it. But I have to give my parents props for that. All my life I seen as a child the way a relationship should be. I was never shown anything bad and was shown a closeness you should get when your in a marriage. My parents have there issues as any married couple but as a whole I can tell they were friends. They did everything together. I feel when you find your mate that person should be your right hand man. Your best friend. You partner in crime. Greg was the first guy in my life that when he was gone (for boot camp, deployments etc.) I felt two people were gone. The love of my life and my best friend. So I learned so far, if you do not have a friend connection it might be hard in the relationship. Build a friendship not just sex. Because over the years when you get married or in a committed relationship. Looks die, sex calms down, all you will have sometimes is your friend.

2. I Will Never Ever Go On Another Diet Again...
I am all for walking more and eating healthier. I am also all for going to the gym and maintaining your weight and being more active. Will I do that? No. I went to the doctor the other day and they gave me all these test and blood test and they told me I need to work on building more iron, yet everything else is great. So they told me to eat spinach. I love eating strawberries and raw pineapples. I dance around in my room to Hall & Oats all the time. I live the way I want to live. I have been pushed on diets since I was 13 years old, and at 25 I realize that diets can suck my dick. From what I was told about being fat....My life should be shitty, I should be alone, I should be ugly and non attractive, my fashion should be secluded to mom jeans and walmart shirts, I would be non married and no one should find me attractive at all. My life has did the total opposite and I am considered fat to...shall I say...some. I walk around California, I am Tia. People smile at me at laugh with me. At school I am an artist, my talent out ways my looks, and when I come home to my husband I am motherfucking maybe I was told...wrong. Diets can suck it. I refuse. Will never do it again, ever. Besides, Chinese food rocks.

3. Music If Life
I have a new refined respect for music these days. I loved music all my life. Never changed. But as I become older I find more respect in older music that was out before I was born. I find myself back tracking and listening to Billy Joel, Bruce Springstein, and Bob Marley. I found a new love in John Lennon and listen to his records in utter awe. Music to me is more then a beat. I love the Beetles and I adore Etta James. I love blues music and Muddy Waters. I use to stick to one brand of music then jump to the other. I always been eclectic. I would head bang to Mudvayne heavy metal all the way down to strumming the acoustic with country star Taylor Swift. I just love it. Right now hands down my goddess is Lady Gaga of course.

4. Women

I hate when I hear girls say "I do not get along with females". I hate that. Its like bull shit. You get along better with guys? And these people have zero guy friends and have more problems with the male species then there own. Why do we as woman hate each other? Why can't we just be happy for our friends and family. I think woman are just built on emotion naturally. So jealousy and envy become natural. We hate on people because its not fair what thy have. Am I right? It is a hard pill to swallow about ones self. But all the girls I have met in my life who become "I hate tia" people always seem to "want" something. Their missing something. I mean really, why tell me that I am a whore bucket if somethings not wrong with you. Why would you care about me if your life is going great. Its a puzzle piece that is missing. I can admit it. Most can not. Also friendships, woman need to understand that when chicks get in a relationship they will disappear a bit...Its normal. If your friend choses her boyfriend to go out with instead of you for one night...ITS OKAY....Let it be. The person has a penis, and unfortunately, we do not. I mean lets be honest. Would you choose a night with your best friend or a night with a hot Orlando Bloom ( whoever celeb u wanna bone) with his huge d%$# hanging out....what would you choose?
Basically I learned woman hate each-other, an if you have a bff hold on to her. A real good homie is hard to find

5. ART-tistically Challanged
I love the fact I have a talent. When I was younger I did not care so much. But I am glad I have a talent. One big reason is people can not say shit. Someone can get it my face and tell me I can not dress, or I can not sing, or I can not write well, spell well, do math well, but guess what...those people can not draw better then me. Anyone who judges me can NOT draw better than me. Like if anyone gets all up in my face and say for example.."Tia you can't fucking do math, you suck." All I have to say is.."I can draw better then you." Then what are they gonna do? Because in all odds I probley can. I have mad cocky-ness and confidence in that department. I believe its okay to be cocky sometimes. If your good at something say it! Be proud of it! Yes they are people who can draw better then me but I still feel I can do a better piece the them. I believe in myself. Thats why since I got older I do not care too much of what people say, because, at the end of the day...I an draw circles around that! Its a kinda funny way of thinking but its true...
Think of something you can do that you KNOW you can do better then anyone else. Like you might be the shit with math, or singing, or dancing or writing....And own that. Because at the end of the day its gonna be that one asshole who has something to say about you. Just be like "Bitch bet you cant( fill in the blank) like me". What are they gonna do?

"When Life Gives You Lemons, Squeeze The Shit Outta Them.."


  1. I <3 your blog. You make me think so much about things and it's more helpful than you know.

  2. I agree totally with the comment above... LoL... I think she took the words right out of my mouth!

    I especially love your take on women hating each other and marrying your friend. I'm afraid that I've been to shallow to find a mate. smh... I too haven't met my goals but you've made me think about a lot.

    til next time,


  3. guys keep me blogging yall

  4. wow - your art is amazing!