Monday, May 17, 2010

Top Ten List *bored much*

I saw someone on there blog make a bucket list. So I thought it would be cool if I made one now on my blog. And other list as well......*bored much*

Tia's Bucket List

1. Own a Beetle
2. Go to Paris and see the Mona lisa
3. Wake up on the beach
4. Read on the beach
5. Go to Egypt with Rose
6. Take a long hot bath in a huge tub
7. See Lady Gaga in concert...again
8. Meet someone famous I look up too
9. Sing with my kids
10. Make love with Robert Pattinson under the stars...thought I'd try
Ten Things I Like About Myself
1. I can draw
2. I can sing kinda nice
3. I see things different then others
4. Im a spoiled daddies girl
5. I make friends easy
6. I got great hair
7. I express myself alot...
8. I have a awesome personality & Im never boring
9. I got a cool nose
10. Im loyal to good people
Ten Things I Can't Stand About Myself
1. Worry wart
2. I care to much
3. I don't take care of myself like I should
4. Im dramatic..wait...I kinda like that..:)
5. I get mad quick
6. I cry way too much
7. I am a spaz (paranoia!)
8. Scared of shit
9. I throw tantrums and forget I do
10. I talk about myself a bad way...which can be annoying
Ten Reason I Love My Husband
1. He is a Cancer and I love them!
2. He is a clingy guy
3. He is his own twisted way
5. Easy to talk too
6. He takes super care of me and my heart
7. He is a goof ball and makes me laugh
8. He sings Lady Gaga in the car with me
9. He holds my hand when I am sick
10. I can tell he likes me alot...:)
Ten Reasons Why Rose Is My Best Friend EVER!
1. She is not fake
2. She tells me when I am being an idiot
3. We have nothing in common
4. She is willing to do anything for me, as I would for her
6. Gives the best birthday gifts!
7. If anyone talks about me, she curses them out :)
8. She smells good and has soft hands...*sounds gay?*
9. Her and my husband are 90% alike...I married my bff pretty much
10. She would never fuck me over and has never done ever it in 15-16 years...
Ten Interesting Facts In My Life

1. I have to sleep with the fan on or I can not sleep
2. I hate the taste if water
3. I love taking pictures of myself and I think I look funny
4. I dont care about how people feel the older I get
5. I wish life was a huge Glee-like musical...I'd love that
6. Greg and Rose both told me they hated one of my friends at the same time
7. Buying clothes is orgasmic to me
8. I think every woman should own a gets to the point
9. I want to meet more Twilight fans, yet I cant find any
10. I want to get high but don't know how...
Top Ten Played Songs On My iTouch Right Now
1. Californication by RHCP
2. How Dirty Girls Get Clean by Hole
3. Over by Drake
4. Find Your Love Drake
5. Cant Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus
6. What Do You Want From Me Adam Lambert
7. Massive Attack by Nicki Minaj
8. Jars by Chevelle
9. Fire by Babyface
10. Look After You by The Fray


  1. I love the list about your husband... Makes me want a boyfriend really bad. LoL...

    Is that the back of your iPod? If so, it's dope.

    I love "Find Your Love" by Drake... Your blog is just pretty awesome!!!! = )

  2. thanks so much alexandria! I needed that feed back :)