Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Purchased It & Nowhere To Where It...Fashion Problem

Okay so I bought this top and I have know where to where it. I mainly bought it because It was on clearance. I love it! Anything that is surfacing the shoulder blades or drawing attention towards it...its mine damn it! But I seriously do not know what to wear with this top. Leggings? Big legged slacks..(I own some)...Gacho pants? What can i wear with this damn top. Its just sitting in my closet smiling at me....Scroll down and check it out.

There it is! God look at it. It is from Torrid (where else?)
Oh! Side tracked! How nice is this dress Rose bought? I think she got it from Ross. I am not sure. She looks smexy, which is a good look. I love her curves......wurk slut-bag.

Cute shirt right? Have no clue where to wear it or how to....Its just gonna sit in my big ass closet until I find some bottoms....God I love that shirt....*sigh*...Im in love.


  1. that's a really cute top...and you can wear it with anything!! If you wanna dress it down you can wear it with jeans/leggings and flats but if you wanna go all out glam, you can wear a cute black mini with sexy heels!!

  2. hey sassy stuff! love ure shirt and ure sandals too! ;-)

  3. Hi hon, I love the shirt and sandals too, and I think you could really work them with tight jeans or a skirt in a strong block colour to play up the soft flowers :) show us what you come up with :)

    xoxo Anika