Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christian & Kirsten: Double My Trouble

I have a weird attraction to Kirsten Stewart. I know I am a Twilight whore so it might be by default. But over the times of the first movie of Twilight she has become more and more appealing. I hate her ass in interviews and I hate the fact she acts so awkward all the damn time when she is knee deep in Pattinson penis. Either way, I think she is becoming more and more sexy and into her own. She is such a tomb boy but these days she looks more and more like a young woman. Greg said he would pound Kirsten and he does not even like skinny girls like that. There is something about her. She has a certain swag about her. I love it.Im falling for her. She looks more and more prettier everyday.

I have a small girl crush on Kirsten, but I have a real crush on her boyfriend Rob...you guys are not fooling anyone, certainly not me..
Then there is Christian Siriano. I watch Project Runway all the time. He of course was mine and everybody elses favorite. I love overly gay men. I think they are to die for! I would love to hang out with him, I bet he is a riot. Any who, since Project Runway he has been booming all around fashion week and all up in Paris with his line of clothes. I had no clue that he put out shoes as well..
Check these out!

Umm ... Okay... I do not think he made these shoes. I think I saw these on a website and but them in my folder to blog about, I am not sure if he did these...I have no clue, but the rest of the shoes below is his..

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  1. love it!!! christian is amazing! i really like Kristen is the cream dress w/ the biker gloves!