Monday, May 17, 2010

Falling 4 Floral

Okay. I said in the beginning that the floral-look seemed pretty Grandma. I fell into it. I can not lie. It looks pretty hot. I got this tank last week. I love the little lace pocket. I thought I would wear a cardigan with this outfit, but I wanted to spice it up with leather. It worked pretty well. I wore my short heels and my short..*ahem* skirt. My legs are not as bad as I thought it would look. Swear I did not doc it, not ass much...I did highlight the floral shirt so you guys can see the detail in this shirt. I got it on clearance for about 23 dollars? Good job Torrid. I am sorry my wardrobe consist of all Torrid crap, I am just obsessed with that damn store. And not because I have to be, turns out I can fit things at H&M, Forever 21 (sometimes), all the department's just that Torrid has a little bit more of that extra pa'zazz on it. It taste just right.
So this look is just going to sushi bar, or was it a regular bar? I do not know...???

By the way, Im in Cali so stockings are no required in dessert/beach heat.... I cant do it.....

I got the leather jacket from TJ Maxx fro about 30 dollars. Floral shirt Torrid. Skirt is from Torrid. Shoes from DSW by Steve Madden. Did you guys see my hair? I tried something new..I was originally just getting it out my face then I liked it. Greg said it showed more of my face and he like it, so I left it in.

Also, from all the constant shopping and eating yummy sushi...I got sick and went to the hospital. Can never have your cake and eat it too. So I am high on antibiotics...I am still happy I got these pictures when I could. Sicky....:(

But I am drawing in bed now :)

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  1. I'm loving floral too, I love how you paired it with the jacket!!!!