Friday, May 28, 2010

Inner Gaga: Finding The Shoulder Padz

So I bought this damn shirt and I am taking it back. I should have posted what it was suppose to look like. This all black shirt was suppose to give me the gaga shoulders. Did it? Of course not. The damn manager of the store lied so bad. I asked does this shirt give the broad shoulder look? And she looked at me and said "Yeah, plus you have broad shoulders." What the fuck. I should have known from that. I put the shirt on when I got home and was like "Eww!" Its a regular back shirt. So tomorrow I am returning it. I altered the shirt in these pics because this is what I wanted it to look like. I had to stuff my freakin shoulders! The picture on the website is such a lie. Thanks Torrid! I am talking alot of shit to a store I go to all the damn time. Any way, It looked okay, but, if I pay 20 dollars you better do what you say!
"If I Was Rich" Inner Gaga:

I would not wear this if I was rich but, If I was a bit smaller I would. Let me stop lying. Alot smaller. You gotta be naked mainly if you wanna rock a Gaga look. The bra would be the top and the jacket would be over it...smells of Gaga...

Most Wanted Item: the leggings

My Bestie Rose's Inner Gaga:

This is as bout as far as Rose would go with a Gaga look. This is what she might even wear to a Gaga concert. We went to one actually and we both looked the most normal out of everyone. The shoes scream Rose. Rose has a thing for the turquoise blues right now. And I can not forget her beloved wide-legged jeans.

Most Wanted Item: the shoes surprizingly...Im not even a Nike fan...

My Inner Gaga Broke:

This what I would wear like, right now. Rose and I have completely different style. Its fun because we know what we both like. I would rock everything from the hair bow to the bag. God I love that bag. Its Hello Kitty and its 60 dollars...who is paying that? It is gay cause its never on damn sale! What the hell?

Most Wanted Item: the sunglasses...:)

You can check out my altered shoulder blades. This shirt is still going back. Talk about false advertising. The pants are going to stay. MC Hammer type pants kinda, they look hella good on.


  1. Is it wrong that I think the black leggings have a nice butt? After the last episode of Glee, I was trying to find my inner Gaga too, lol!

  2. omg girl the whole gaga style is SO you!
    work look fierce! :)