Sunday, May 30, 2010

God I Love You: The "Love Below" Segment

Got some major fashion coming this week. I found this new brand of clothes that I am madly in love with. They were at H&M and I fell in love. The style was tacky couture, like literally. It looked weird. So of course I purchased it and signed the dotted line. I can not wait to show what I got! I am falling more in love with H&M the more I go there. Even though it is still hard for me to understand what the hell the sizes mean. The shirts go from 4 to 6..and 10...I just buy the largest size and go about my merry day. It was so weird shopping there given the fact I am in California with over 90 pounds more ass walking around in the store. I can not lie, I felt strange. But hey, my thick ass can fit THERE!

I always show pictures of what I love. That is nothing new on here. This blog shows fashion yet it shows more of my passion. Its my little diary. Feels free just to skim the pictures. This segment is just me expressing my love of shit that does not really matter..

sexy mother-fucker...meow

How awesome is Dakota?

Everyone with a vagina should listen to Taylor Swift.

*rolls eyes* jealous...

I LOVE LOST! I did not see the last season so please don't tell me anything..:(
How sexy is Jack and Sawyer...Love this pic of them...

*roll eyes again*...dammit Rih Rih
In & Out Burger is GROSS...It should not be on this list

my girlfriend Kirsten...
I thought I would end with this picture of Kstew...thats how I feel

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