Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I have been celebrating Memorial Day since Saturday. I had a cookout with just Greg being on the invite list. How fun! We have been spending super time together. We been invited to a couple of cookout as we stayed home and made hamburgers and hot dogs and had wine colors in the ice box. This is what deployment does to you. Makes you sick right? But it is true, we are like glue right now. So today is finally Memorial day. We were in the car driving to this awesome mall I like and Greg held my hand and told me that Drakes song "Find Your Love" should be our song. I smiled of course and now feel gitty when I hear the song. We have like 600 songs. Its sad. We do not just have one. ANYWAY! Enough of the sappy shit that no one wants to hear I am sure.
The Sims 3 Ambitions comes out tomorrow so I might just disappear or try not too. I love this game. I have been a Sims fan since the very first one. Its virtual Barbies I swear, well for me it is. I mean think about it. You make your dream house, have Ken your dream man, wear all these clothes and do your sims hair, and you let them drive around in there dream car.....*sigh* takes me back to childhood.
Also this weekend I wanted to see Sex In The City but that did not happen. Only because my girl Rose needs to be here. I feel thats our movie. Its a girls movie, why the hell would I torture Greg. I will wait. Hopefully me and her can see it. Its funny because Rose and I never liked the series. Then we saw the movie by default and fell in love with it. There is a part in the first movie that Rose and I love, and it reminds me of our friendship and how we helped each other through so much pain and heartbreak over the years. We been friends since 11 so we been through every real serious relationship we have ever been in. In the movie there is a part when Carrie breaks down, and her friend Samantha helps her and feeds her while she is in the bed. She asks Carrie no questions, gave no pep talks...just feed her, and smiled.....

So we broke out the coolers and the vodka and redbull for the weekend. I hate getting hangovers so I stuck to the Smirnoff Ice.

OOH! At Fashion Valley, my favorite place to shop, I saw this girl here. She looked crazy and bad ass, and her shoe game was pretty sick. Looking at her reminded me were I was. California. This girl reminded me of the Californication song. Her hair is pretty awesome though you must admit. And yes, that was her boyfriend and his three kids at the movies in line. He must be banking.

About to make Waffles..

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