Monday, May 10, 2010

The Artist Side: The Beauty Of Ugly

I took some fun pictures. I love photography a lot. I have to buy another art book to sketch in and then I will be straight. Until then I have been playing with my camera. Of course I have a busted camera that hardly works but its fun. I also bought this magazine that has all this art and tattoo stuff in it. Its pretty rad. Makes me wanna draw so bad but like I said. I got zero material. So I just sketch and take pictures of Greg when he does not know it. I am such a stalker. Check it out. Some are already signed and labeled. Others are not. All these were quick and fun, nothing was for school (thank god). All was done for my own stash...
Some stuff I name and some stuff is just untitled. Many people do not have an eye or give two shits about art. And I understand that. Yet some really really do. Fashion is art in some peoples mind. It is in mine, but fashion had to start somewhere. With photos and paper...sketches and poloroids. I know I can not spell but bear with me. So because I share my life and love with this blog, I have to show the art side. I have fun with all things art..even shit I suck at...

One thing I love about photography, everyone shot has a story...


  1. Greg look like I'm about to murder this burger lol

  2. I wonder who this is???? lol! :) wink wink

  3. i love yall!! those onion rings are calling