Friday, May 21, 2010

The African Beat

Its been awhile. I have been super sick. I still am sick kind of. So I am all into this ethnic look I am doing. I haven going to this store called World Market alot and buying alot of jewelry that matches my hair. My hair is all natural which always looks better with earring made of stone or rocks. I have no clue where this boho look is coming from but I dig it. I actually get hit on more here then in my home town! Who would have thought? Love the african prints and the suede hobo bags. I think it looks better on me. It works with my hair so much better. But I cant just stay within one style, I stray.

Shirt: Torrid
Pants: Marshells
Earrings: World Market
Bag: F21

I so love the print. So colorful. So here is some other jewels I got from World Market. I love World Market! I am so obsessed with them! How hawt are these. They have everything. I am in love with them. The shirt/dress is from Forever 21. This has some african beat to it, right? Its so cute, and I never wore it. no bullshit. I tried to sell it off to this vintage store but they said "it was out-of-season." Fuck them...
Either way...
Im glad I kept it. It looks nice.
Alright you guys! Shrek tonight..and Im out!

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